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Finn Illsley-Kemp in the desert
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Finn Illsley-Kemp in the desert
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Making Finn's fieldwork possible

Finn Illsley-Kemp, postgraduate research student, University of Southampton, shares how Jisc services help him carry out his research in the UK and worldwide.

“When I was growing up, in the town that I lived there was a slagheap from the old coalmines and I used to climb up there and find the fossils of the plants and insects that used to live there. I wanted to combine this geology with my interest in physics and mathematics.

"Now I’m a geophysicist and seismologist and I study the earthquakes and volcanoes in the East African river system and Ethiopia. Geophysics is a highly collaborative research area and I work with people from all around the UK and worldwide. This means that I travel a lot. When I do that, eduroam is a vital tool, knowing that I’ll be able to get online wherever I am and get access to my email and online content.

"The geophysics community in the UK communicates via the JiscMail service, so it enables us to connect with researchers all across the country. As a researcher I’m also required to log all of my output into an ORCID profile which acts as an online CV for my research output. Without these digital tools my research really wouldn’t be possible.”