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Hands-on training in connectivity and trust and identity services, including eduroam

Data analytics

Courses to help you use our data visualisation and analytics tool. 

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1 and 8 September: Designing for digital capabilities in the curriculum - online.

6 September: Cyber Essentials drop-in clinic - online.

21 September: Cyber Essentials - prepare for certification - online.

23 September: Cyber Essentials Plus - preparing for verification - online.

27 September: ISO 27001 clinic - online.

28 September - 21 October (eight online sessions): Digital leaders programme - online.


2 and 3 November: Penetration testing - think like a hacker - online.

16 and 17 November: Hands-on incident response - online.

23 November: Developing effective security awareness campaigns - online.

24 November and 1 December: Information security policies - online.

29 November: ISO 27001 clinic - online.

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Digital leaders programme

Become a digitally-informed and empowered leader and learn how to help your organisation respond to technology-driven change

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Digitally certify, verify and share your achievements following participation in our training courses.

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