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  1. Making assistive technology decisions: strategic approaches to implementing assistive technology

    Understanding what to include in your strategy and how you can lead this.

  2. Cyber IT Health Check service clinic

    Understand where the IT Health Check (ITHC) sits among other Jisc services such as Cyber Essentials and penetration testing.

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  3. Heidi Plus masterclasses

    Your questions answered by our Heidi Plus experts.

  4. AI Safety

    This is the second part of a series of 5 webinars designed to explore generative AI and how to maximize its benefits, focusing on what generative AI is and how to use it, accessibility, the use of generative AI tools in daily life, and creativity through generative AI applications.

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  5. Artificial intelligence and ethics

    Should we be worried about AI? Our free mini MOOC explores the issues.

  6. An introduction to Generative AI in education

    Giving educators an understanding about AI and how it's impacting education and learners. Our free MOOC explores these themes.

  7. AI for Accessibility

    This is the third part of a series of 5 webinars designed to explore AI and how to maximize its benefits, focusing on what AI is and how to use it, accessibility, the use of AI tools in daily life, and creativity through AI applications. AI is becoming more integral in education. This session aims to help educators understand how to ensure AI accessibility, leverage its benefits effectively and be aware of potential issues.

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  8. eduroam live online clinic

    Instant answers to technical questions directly from our experts.

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  9. ISO 27001:2022 certified ISMS lead implementer

    Manage information security processes while optimising costs.

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  10. Online surveys essentials

    An introductory session that demonstrates the basics of how to build, distribute and analyse a survey using Jisc Online surveys.

  11. Artificial Intelligence drop-in clinic

    Ask us your questions about Artificial Intelligence in education.

  12. DDoS mitigation drop-in clinic

    An opportunity to have your DDoS questions answered.

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  13. Cyber Essentials drop-in clinic

    Have your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus questions answered.

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  14. Cyber Essentials - prepare for certification

    Explore the assessment questions involved in the Cyber Essentials certification.

  15. Supporting learners’ digital identity and wellbeing

    Using digital technologies to help them thrive in a digital world.

  16. ISO 27001:2022 certified ISMS internal auditor

    Learn how to deliver continual improvement within an ISO 27001:2022 ISMS (information security management system)

  17. Developing learners’ employability skills

    Prepare your learners to thrive in their future careers.

  18. ISO 27001:2022 certified ISMS lead auditor

    Gain the skills to deliver external certification and supplier audits against ISO 27001:2022.

  19. Digital leaders programme

    Become the digital leader your organisation needs.

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  20. Heidi Plus introduction

    An introductory session which welcomes new bronze, silver and gold users to the Heidi Plus platform.

  21. Everyday AI tools

    This is the fourth part of a series of 5 webinars designed to explore AI and how to maximize its benefits, focusing on how to utilise AI tools to perform daily tasks. This session will explore the use of AI in daily tasks and educational settings, We'll discuss integrating these into teaching strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.

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  22. Heidi Plus new user clinics

    A series of clinics demonstrating the essential features of data visualisation and analysis to new silver and gold Heidi Plus users.

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  23. Cyber Essentials Plus - preparing for verification

    The next step after achieving Cyber Essentials certification.

  24. Making assistive technology decisions: assistive technology for students who have a vision impairment

    Considering technology for different tasks using a student-centred approach.