Trust and identity

These world-leading services help you manage access efficiently and effectively.

Register your students to vote

Helping your students register to vote can be complex for individual institutions to manage, particularly if multiple electoral registrars are involved.

Student voter registration
Enable your students to vote in national and local elections in a secure and transparent way

Securing your web services

Have confidence that your web and email services are protected.

Certificate service
We are a registration authority, issuing SSL and email certificates to effectively secure your web services

Domain registry
We manage the domain and our 'whois' service provides information relating to names registered

Helping you with access management

Robust access management is a must-have for all universities, colleges, skills providers and research organisations. 

Assent allows researchers access to digital services with one, easy single sign on

UK Access Management Federation
A single solution to accessing online resources and services for education and research

Single sign on made simple for the library community. OpenAthens makes it easy for you to access the knowledge you want, when you want it, wherever you are

Targeted, bespoke support

Make the most of our trust and identity services with tailored help to fully realise the longer-term benefits.

Trust and identity consultancy *new*
Our main goal is to understand your specific needs as an organisation and help you meet them as best we can, while reducing pressure on your in-house teams