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Every penny is reinvested towards our mission to support research, education and our customers

Cloud, cyber and connectivity services provide the fundamental building blocks so your organisation can run smoothly and safely. You will have access to our broad portfolio of services that does all of this in one place, supported by the Janet Network - the leading global knowledge and research network.


A flexible approach to your digital transformation

We’re by your side to drive your innovation and digital transformation forward. From our data and knowledge sharing and digital thought leadership, we spot opportunities to implement ground-breaking solutions that are perfect for you.

Our team will be part of yours, going above and beyond to understand your needs and outcomes, to provide you with the right solution at the right time. Your success is our success, responding at pace and with our honest expert advice.

Supporting public service customers to deliver value, together

As a customer of Jisc you will tap into our digital heritage and established community we’ve been developing for over 30 years. Our connections provide a source of valuable information and perspectives for you and your sector.

Our customers reflect our purpose to deliver technology for the good of all in society

“Jisc’s audit has given us a valuable insight into the overall risk profile of CERN by increasing our capability across the organisation to deliver appropriate governance, risk management processes and investment decisions aimed at increasing our resilience to cyber attacks.”

CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research)

The whole solution – everything in one place

Get more from your digital environment, empowering you to do more. Choose from a portfolio of services including the Janet Network, industry-leading cyber protection and cost-efficient cloud solutions.

Connectivity solutions

High capacity, secured availability for seamless collaboration and innovation.

Our world-class Janet Network is used and relied upon by over 18 million users, with 600 peerings to around 500 organisations. As a customer of Jisc you are supported by this critical infrastructure on an international scale. With that, we bring faster services with greater scalability. And with security built in, you’re in safe hands.

You use what you need, whether yours is a research-intensive organisation connected at 100Gbit/s or a smaller business running at 1Gbit/s.

“It provides a very stable, high speed connection to the cloud providers. If we hadn’t had access to the Janet Network...we would have to use smaller amounts of data. We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs.”

Dr Matt Williams, research software engineer, University of Bristol


Janet Network
The busiest NREN (national research and education network) in Europe, carrying over 5.3 petabytes of data each day.

Services included with your Janet connection:

  • Email advice and testing - SPAM relay tester and notification system that tests your mail server and reports unauthorised relays
  • Foundation DDoS mitigation - mitigate disruption to your Janet connection, avoid inconvenience, financial loss or reputational damage
  • IP address assignment - allocate the amount and type of ranges that meet your business requirements
  • Janet Network CSIRT - safeguard your current and future computer security
  • Security operations centre – protecting Janet using the CSIRT team to detect attacks and defend the network
  • Janet Network resolver - advanced protection, with the performance and capacity to meet the needs of all Janet Network connected organisations
  • Netsight - monitor the availability of your connections and gain insights into broader network issues
  • Primary nameserver service - publish and manage DNS records on a central through a secure web portal

What can be added on?

  • Govroam – seamless roaming connectivity across thousands of public sector locations (for public sector organisations and charities)
  • eduroam - secure and seamless internet access across locations and devices (for public and private research, independent education and academy trusts, and healthcare)

Cyber security

Keeping staff, collaborators and intelligence safe.

Keep on top of the 5 key threats:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Procedures not followed
  • Ransomware
  • DDoS attacks
  • Data breaches

“On the back of the penetration testing, and other issues we experienced, I was able to get funding to put an extra layer of security into the network. It gave me the grounding to improve our security position. I hope it’s the start of a continual process that we can keep building on.”

Martyn Bratt, IT resources manager, Xaverian College


As well as the cyber solutions included with your Janet Network connection, additional services to protect you include:

Penetration testing
Evaluate and improve the security of your system or network – by simulating real-world attacks

Critical services protection
Protects business-critical services from targeted DDoS attacks

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification
A trusted way to gain and renew Cyber Essentials certification, helping to make sure vital security precautions are in place

Vulnerability assessment service and tools supply framework
Helping you choose your preferred strategy to detect and assess internal and external vulnerabilities within your IT estate, so you can manage your security risks, compliance and quality

Access to the cyber security portal 
Provides real-time monitoring of the security settings, security incidents and external traffic for your connections

Cloud solutions

Increasing your resilience, agility and effectiveness through well-architected and secure public cloud solutions.

Jisc is vendor neutral, so you can rest assured that we shape the right solution for you - regardless of the cloud provider you choose. We work in close partnership with cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft and Google, to help you get the most out of the services they provide.

We recognise and understand our customers’ challenges and drivers for IT transformation. Whether it's meeting the government’s ‘Cloud Native Policy’ for ICT, the expectation of citizens to deliver and receive services digitally, or meeting the new wave of remote working – we’re here to help, providing customers with well-architected design, deployment and managed services, increasing the resilience and security of your cloud estate.


Cloud consultancy

  • Advice and guidance about adopting public cloud
  • Reviews of your current IT estate, including TCO
  • Help with your hybrid cloud strategy and roadmap

Cloud professional services

  • Lift-and-shift migrations of your current IT estate
  • Design and deployment of well-architected cloud-native solutions

Cloud managed services: re-sell and support

  • Ongoing operational cover for your hybrid cloud estate
  • UK-based and experienced support team with escalation to the cloud vendor when necessary
  • Focus on security, performance, resilience and cost management
  • Current awareness of new cloud developments
  • Ability to buy cloud services through multiple procurement routes

Frameworks, DPS and procurement

Approved framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) to help you save time and money.

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