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Direct connectivity to market-leading cloud service providers that is fast, reliable and secure. All without the headache of managing multiple suppliers.

If you are a Janet-connected organisation looking to extend your on-premise environment into the cloud, you will recognise the need for cloud connectivity which meets your performance needs and budget. 

Cloud connect helps you find the right solution for your needs, whether it's a purpose-built solution or using your existing Janet Network connection with its high-availability, high-capacity and resilient peerings to AWS, Google or Microsoft.

Benefits to your organisation

Understand your cloud connectivity needs

One of the first challenges for some Janet-connected organisations is understanding your likely traffic volumes. By referring you to our cloud solutions team we can help you estimate traffic volumes so you can plan and budget appropriately, while avoiding the risk of an over- or under-provisioned solution.

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Jisc is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud framework. Purchasing services through the framework can offer significant savings.

Find the right solution for your requirements

Thanks to high-availability peerings, your Janet Network connection may be suitable for most needs allowing you to make the most of the connectivity you have. But there may come a point when it’s beneficial to have a purpose-built connection. We provide advice and guidance as to whether you have reached that need and when and how to scale up your connectivity provision so your connectivity keeps up with your changing needs.

Access flexible terms

Cloud connect AWS offers access to flexible contract terms for procurement and cancellation, so you can scale back your commitment if you need to.

Help you understand provider-specific complexities

We can guide you through the specific technical arrangements needed – from bandwidth and billing options to resilience and geographically diverse access. 

What cloud connect AWS offers

We are an Advanced Consulting Partner and Authorized Government Reseller for AWS. We can provide members and customers with AWS products and services through the digital marketplace G-Cloud frameworkOCRE frameworkOGVA and by direct award. As a national research and education network (NREN) who works with strategic cloud partners, we are able offer access to sector-specific pricing for AWS.

AWS also offers:

  • A data egress discount for qualifying researchers and academic organisations, who route at least 80% of data egress from AWS via the Janet Network (or another NREN)
  • The Direct Connect service, which is a direct connection into AWS, for organisations reaching the technical limits of connection via the public internet. We can facilitate direct access into AWS over existing Janet IP services

What cloud connect Microsoft offers

We have Gold cloud platform competency, which means we are recognised for our ability to provide solutions related to Azure. We can resell all services including Azure ExpressRoute and Office 365.

What cloud connect Google offers Start using cloud connect

By using your existing connections to the Janet Network, you can make use of our high-availability, high-capacity, diverse peerings with Google.

Start using cloud connect

Cloud connectivity which meets your performance needs and budget.

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G-Cloud procurement framework

The service can be purchased direct from Jisc, or via the G-Cloud procurement framework.

G-Cloud is a set of simple and legally-compliant frameworks that allow public sector organisations to buy technology products and services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods.

With G-Cloud, all listed suppliers are pre-vetted to ensure compliance with public contract regulations. Cloud connect has therefore been through a rigorous process to ensure its credibility and suitability for the public sector.

OCRE cloud framework

Procuring from a cloud provider on your own can be complex and time-consuming. By purchasing services via the OCRE cloud framework you get predictable, safe and cost-effective access to a portfolio of cloud providers across Europe – so you can find the EU-compliant solution you need.

Related services

Cloud connect is part of a suite of cloud services provided by Jisc including bespoke consultancy, professional services and managed services which are grounded in our experience serving the digital needs of the research and education sector.

  • Cloud managed services - managing your cloud environment, including Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Cloud professional services - hands-on cloud capabilities to solve a range of short-term and long-term challenges
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute - supporting more mature cloud strategies, the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service lets you extend your on-premise network into the Microsoft cloud, cost-effectively and reliably via a virtual private circuit