Tech takes: The impact of ransomware attacks

We chat with Simon Hewitt, principal at Dundee and Angus College, about how they responded to a ransomware attack.

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Simon talks through the devastating effects a ransomware attack had on his college, why it was able to happen, and what Dundee and Angus have put in place to deal with ransomware attacks in the future. He also discusses the impact the attack had on staff and how the experience has brought the team closer together.

We also consider how the attack was in some ways a blessing in disguise, as through developing a whole new system, Dundee and Angus College were in a much better place to deal with the pandemic.

Show notes

Episode guest

Simon Hewitt
Simon Hewitt
Principal, Dundee and Angus College

Episode host

Andy Powell
Andy Powell
Former cloud chief technology officer, Jisc

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