International education and research

International education and research Helping UK institutions stay ahead in the global market.

Delivering high-quality experiences to learners and researchers overseas

UK institutions deliver successful transnational education (via branch campuses, partnering with institutions in key locations and distance or blended learning) and take a lead role in European and global research collaborations.

At Jisc, we’ve developed strategic partnerships, services and guidance to help your organisation deliver high-quality experiences to learners and researchers overseas, whether you’re a seasoned international provider or a beginner responding to the changing world situation.

Conflict in Ukraine: read how we're working with partners to support individuals and organisations.

Supporting our members to work anywhere

Institutions are actively rethinking how they provide learning and support research that’s carried out remotely – and how they can attract and keep international students in future, even when those people opt to live and study on their home patch.

We’re helping our members give students, researchers and staff access to the same high-quality online learning content, resources and wellbeing support – whether they work in the UK or overseas, on a campus or at home. All this work is underpinned by our excellent network infrastructure that provides a gateway to the world.

Products and services for a global market

Our products and services help institutions improve the student and researcher experience, save money and work more efficiently. They may be of interest to universities, colleges, national research and education networks (NRENs) and governments outside the UK. We welcome approaches from overseas organisations.

Developing global approaches to infrastructure

Education and research are increasingly global activities and we’re working across the sector with research bodies, government organisations and commercial enterprises through our international networks.

We’re also putting our knowledge and expertise to work, offering thought leadership and advocating for global research and education on behalf of our national organisations.

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