A review of transitional agreements in the UK

Charting the progress of open access and evaluating the effectiveness of transitional agreements in that process.

The review found savings were being made through sector-wide negotiations and showed the UK has achieved exceptional levels of funder compliance during a period when there were few alternative immediate routes to open access.

As an early adopter of transitional agreements, the UK appears to be transitioning to open access more effectively than the global average. In 2022, the number of UK open access articles was 4% higher than the global average (UK: 50%; global 46%).

What does the review cover?

The full report asks the following questions:

  • What proportion of scholarly literature is open access?
  • What impact have transitional agreements had on open access to global and UK research publications?
  • What effect have transitional agreements had on costs for UK institutions?
  • How far have transitional agreements facilitated author compliance with funder requirements?
  • Do transitional agreements deliver on their promise of being temporary and transitional?

Jisc’s review of transitional agreements was carried out with its strategic groups. Jisc has negotiated or renewed 47 transitional agreements to date.

Download the executive summary (pdf)

Download the full report from Zenodo