Beyond the Technology: International students’ digital experience

Elizabeth Newall and guests delve into the digital experiences of international students in UK higher education.

In this episode of the Beyond the Technology podcast, Elizabeth Newall, senior sector specialist at Jisc invites Dr Tabetha Newman, senior research consultant at Timmus limited, Sharon Perera, head of academic digital skills at the University of Greenwich and Tom Wright, director of digital experience, University of Lincoln, to explore the findings of Jisc’s research investigating the digital experiences of international students studying in UK HE.

Elizabeth invites guests to explore the complexities and challenges faced by international students in navigating the digital landscape of their educational experiences. From discussions on prior access to technology and digital infrastructure across different countries to the integration of digital tools in teaching and learning practices in the UK, the podcast provides valuable insights into how universities can better support their international student community.

Show notes

Episode guests

Tabetha Newman
Dr Tabetha Newman
Senior research consultant and CEO, Timmus Limited
Tom Wright headshot
Tom Wright
Director of digital experience, University of Lincoln
Sharon Perera headshot
Sharon Perera
Head of academic digital skills, University of Greenwich

Episode host

Headshot of Elizabeth Newall
Elizabeth Newall
Senior sector specialist (digital transformation)

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