Beyond the Technology: Demonstrating digital transformation - developing digital strategy at University of Greenwich

In this episode, Simon Birkett, senior consultant for digital transformation at Jisc is joined by Dr Jodie Wetherall, associate director - Office of the CIO at the University of Greenwich to discuss the university's digital strategy and its impact.

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Jodie shares insights into the University of Greenwich's vision for 2030, aiming to be the best modern university in the UK. They discuss the strategic priorities that focus on transformational shifts in learning and teaching, research and knowledge exchange, as well as the four cross-cutting priorities of student success, inclusivity and culture, impactful research and knowledge exchange, and connected and sustainable campuses.

The conversation delves into the development and evolution of the university's digital strategy. They talk about the importance of aligning the strategy with the overall corporate strategy, gaining executive sponsorship, and involving the entire university community.

Several initiatives and projects are highlighted, including the Student Lifecycle Management programme, which aims to provide a digital student centre for self-service access, improving the student experience. The Classroom Enhancement Programme is discussed, which focuses on upgrading and enhancing classroom environments to support flexible delivery models. Jodie also mentions the new programme focusing on research and knowledge exchange, exploring ways to streamline processes and empower researchers with technology.

In terms of the wider sector conversation, Jodie discusses the significance of time, opportunities coming out of COVID and long-term planning in digital transformation. They emphasise the importance of having a high-performing team, strong executive leadership, and a positive reputation for delivering change. Looking to the future, Jodie acknowledges the challenges posed by the current financial climate and discusses the university's digital strategy for the future.

Show notes

Episode guest

Jodie Wetherall
Jodie Wetherall
Associate director, Office of the CIO at the University of Greenwich

Episode host

Simon Birkett
Simon Birkett
Senior sector specialist (digital transformation)

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