Open research

We’re working to develop services, provide support, and influence policy in order to enable UK higher education to realise the rewards of open research. Read our introductory guide.

Policy compliance

Helping you to meet and demonstrate compliance with different funder and publisher requirements.


Complying with open access policies


Sherpa services
Tools to access and comply with OA archiving policies

Publications Router
Populates repositories automatically

OpenAIRE national OA desk (NOAD)
Support to comply with the EC's OA policy

Jisc Collections support for OA
Global OA compliance standards for publishers

Monitor Local
APC and compliance reporting

Cost management

Support with improving your processes and systems; and providing shared services, in order to save costs.


Managing your open access costs


Jisc Collections support for OA
Negotiating with publishers to constrain OA costs

Monitor Local
APC management and reporting

Monitor UK
APC management

Keep your digital assets and collections usable

Research outputs repository systems purchasing
Purchase a repository from pre-qualified suppliers

Discovery, usage and impact

Supporting you to improve the visibility of your repository and demonstrate the reach and impact of your research.


Open access: discovery usage and impact


Aggregation of OA content from repositories and journals

Standards-based statistics aggregation service

Global directory of OA repositories

Metadata and interoperability

Helping you to overcome interoperability issues between funder, publisher and institutional systems.


Supporting OA through metadata and improved interoperability


ORCID consortium membership
Including technical support

Research systems connect
Join up your digital research management platforms.

Member stories

Valerie McCutcheon
Research information manager, University of Glasgow