Students want to see generative AI integrated throughout curriculum, despite increased concerns around ethics and equity

New report shares insight from more than 200 learners/students across UK further and higher education.

Jisc’s latest Student perceptions of generative AI report has shown that student and learner expectations of using generative artificial intelligence (genAI) have shifted over the last nine months as they increasingly realise the importance of acquiring genAI skills for their future careers.

Following a series of discussion forums with more than 200 students and learners from colleges and universities across the UK the report provides in-depth insight into five key focus areas:

  • Generative AI literacy
  • Academic integrity
  • Responsible, ethical use
  • Equity and accessibility
  • Employment

This second iteration of the report highlights how student views and expectations have matured in a relatively short space of time, mirroring the rapid evolution of the technology itself. The key changes since the first report was published in August 2023 are:

  • Transition to collaborative learning: genAI is being used in more of a coaching role, providing support for active learning and critical thinking rather than just providing answers.
  • Emphasis on future skills: demand is growing for education to integrate genAI across the curriculum to reflect the AI-enabled world we live and work in.
  • Ethics, equity and accessibility concerns: students/learners are increasingly concerned about equity, bias and accessibility issues related to genAI and want educators to address these challenges in a safe, inclusive and responsive way.
  • Comprehensive integration and educator competence: students/learners expect educators to be able to use genAI competently, to comprehensively integrate genAI across education, and to implement policy to ensure fair and effective use.

Sue Attewell, head of AI and co-design at Jisc said:

“Following the launch of the first student perceptions of generative AI report we recognised the importance of continuing the conversation with students and learners as technology, and our knowledge of how best to use it, continues to evolve.

“Confidence is clearly growing among students and learners as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, and their demands for genAI-ready skills to prepare them for the future workplace are spot on.

“Their dedication to equality, accessibility and fair use also highlighted some key concerns which featured strongly in the discussion forums. Educators must act on these if they want to ensure a positive learning experience for all.

“Overall, students want a safe, responsible, accessible and adaptive genAI experience that’s uniformly applied across their education, delivered by capable, AI-literate educators to support them in achieving their future ambitions.”

Further information

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