Jisc adds new cloud services to G-Cloud 13 procurement framework

Government procurement framework for 2022-23 now includes extra Jisc services to help drive digital transformation.

Jisc is offering additional cloud services via the new Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 13 framework, making it easier for UK public sector organisations to accelerate digital transformation. 

The latest iteration of the government’s procurement framework, G-Cloud 13 goes live on 9 November. It enables the public sector to save money and time when procuring common cloud-based services. By making it easier to find and purchase technology services and specialists for digital projects, the framework helps users achieve maximum commercial value. 

As the UK’s digital body for tertiary education, Jisc has been included in the framework since 2019 and has expanded its offering for 2022-23. 

Newly available via Jisc’s superfast and highly reliable Janet Network, services including managed firewall, session border control and learning analytics will support the move of public sector organisations to the cloud. 

Jayne Davies, managing director, customer and sector engagement at Jisc, said: 

“Through G-Cloud 13, institutions looking to boost their use of the cloud can now buy more of Jisc’s services.

“The ability to improve security, telephony and data management by accessing services through the cloud rather than providing them in-house can save significant costs, boost flexibility and ease the journey towards digital transformation.” 

Jisc’s fully managed firewall service provides a cloud-based security solution to keep users ahead of current threats, while session border control ensures high quality voice telephony. Using Jisc’s learning analytics services, institutions can transform students’ learning experience by driving engagement, helping them to achieve their potential and improve overall retention.  

All Jisc services on the G-Cloud 13 framework are scalable, flexible and can be shaped to meet an organisation’s specific short and long-term needs.  

Through Lot 1, Cloud Hosting, customers can now access Jisc’s session border control and managed firewall as well as managed Amazon web services, managed Azure, managed GCP and Janet cloud connect. 

Lot 2, Cloud Software, now includes Jisc’s learning analytics and certificates services in addition to Govroam and managed Microsoft 365 and website protection. 

Lot 3, Cloud Support, continues to include Jisc’s cloud migration, Office 365 migration, cloud architectural review, cloud strategy and roadmap, managed database, cloud design and deployment, and cloud professional services.  

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