Allowing you to interconnect sites and services using point-to-point virtual private connections over the Janet Network and beyond.

About netpath

Netpath allows you to securely and cost effectively provide point-to-point connectivity between sites, via the Janet Network.

It is particularly appropriate for organisations wishing to exploit demanding, real-time technologies and to exchange large amounts of data with greater efficiency than via an internet/IP connection. All at a fraction of the cost of dedicated fibre circuits.

Netpath is available in two variants, netpath classic and netpath plus.

  • Netpath classic
    Providing point-to-point virtual connections between two Janet Network ports that are already providing services such as IP connections. Because they share the available port bandwidth with these other services, netpath classic connections are highly cost effective and benefit from a simple, fixed, UK-wide tariff structure.
  • Netpath plus
    Offers the same functionality but is delivered over dedicated ports and uses bandwidth reservation to offer enhanced levels of performance for the most demanding, high volume and real-time applications. Netpath plus is tariffed according to both geography and reserved bandwidth and is available both within the UK and internationally.

Both netpath variants offer:

  • Secure, high quality, high bandwidth, virtual private connections over the Janet Network
  • Wide area Ethernet-style connections for operational efficiency and simplicity
  • The ability to run virtually any service or protocol over the connection
  • Bulk access to shared resources including Jisc data centres and cloud services
  • Wires only or managed router service option

Watch our video for to see how Netpath works and how it could benefit your organisation.

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For advice on which netpath variant is the best fit for your requirement, or for any other enquiries including migration from Lightpath to netpath, get in touch.

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Service level agreement

Service description

Netpath provides point-to-point, network connectivity and capacity that can be dedicated or shared according to individual project requirements.

Netpath connections are built from segments which can include: the Janet Network backbone, Janet regional networks, the requesting organisation's own campus network, network overlays, third party access circuits and other NRENs.

Implementation of a netpath connection relies on a level of effective coordination and the cooperation of the multiple involved parties appropriate to the scope of the service. This can range from a simple UK-wide point-to-point virtual circuit to a resilient, reserved bandwidth, international connection using, for example, a compatible GÉANT service for European connectivity.

Hours of service

Where a Netpath service transits infrastructure that is also used by an IP service or other service that is deployed over equipment that is supported 24/7, the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.

Netpath plus services that transit the legacy Lightpath infrastructure are supported according to the SLA of that infrastructure which is currently 09:00-17:00 weekdays with no out of hours on-call cover.

Fault management

Faults on the service may be reported at any time via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing


Organisations must ensure they understand and adhere to the Janet security policy.

Charges and price changes

This is a chargeable service. 

We have a standardised timeline for the rollout of pricing changes on existing live services. To our very best endeavours, we will issue price change notifications in January. Ahead of their application in the August invoicing of that same year. We understand that this better aligns with HE and FE budget setting cycles and gives a notification period which is more helpful to members. This will also exceed the three months’ notice stipulated in our terms.

Typically, service price change notifications will be issued via email to the relevant organisational contacts. We will not email you if are not affected by a price change; for example if the change does not apply to your service or sector.

Request for service

Request this service via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing

Service delivery time

Netpath service requests will either be approved or rejected within ten business days, as defined in SLD definitions, of receiving all necessary information.

A Netpath will be provided within 45 business days of the request being authorised and receiving all the necessary information, unless prevented by reasons beyond Jisc’s control. (This may particularly be the case when the provision of a Netpath includes external network overlays and other national research networks).

Jisc terms and conditions

Organisations must ensure they understand and adhere to the Jisc terms and conditions.


If you are experiencing an issue with the service, and wish to escalate the issue please contact us via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing

Technical section

Netpaths are built from segments across the Janet Network backbone, regional networks, the organisation’s campus network, possibly external network overlays and other national research networks.

Please note that Netpath plus services are not viewable in Netsight.

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certificates.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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