Licensing consultancy

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Expert local licensing support and practical assistance to help you transform your local licensing practice and knowledge.

Licensing consultancy can support you with:

  • Managing local licensing projects to help you manage change
  • Providing licensing audits, portfolio analysis and consultancy in support of licensing strategies
  • Organising licensing learning events tailored to your organisation’s challenges
  • Providing a practical outsourced licensing and negotiation service with dedicated staff who represent the needs of your organisation with publishers
  • Offering general licensing learning sessions to understand the licensing developments facing the sector today and implications

How it can help your organisation

Whatever your interests or needs, the team will work with you to understand your bespoke requirements as well as define the scope of the work, the deliverables and the time frame.

Get in touch if you need support with:

  • Local licensing and negotiation, advice, guidance and expertise
  • Licensing content collectively, as a group
  • Meeting a tight deadline where time is critical
  • Training in licensing developments and understanding of local impact
  • Benchmarking

Or if you need:

  • An additional knowledgeable resource to help achieve goals
  • To get organised for a non-Jisc content negotiation
  • Advice on relevant resources for a new endeavour or assistance in predicting budget costs
  • The endorsement of a known and respected UK licensing body

Find out more

To find out more about this or any other Jisc service, please contact your relationship manager.

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