Library support

We provide libraries with centrally-maintained services to save you time and money across the information resources management lifecycle. 

Supporting libraries through coronavirus

Follow the library services blog for the latest updates on how we're helping libraries respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Negotiating on your behalf

Jisc Collections negotiates with publishers at a national level to procure and license affordable digital content for the UK education and research community. 

Working with you

Our library services advisory group helps to steer our work and ensures we provide effective library management and bibliographic data services.

Find out more about the group's latest activities, as well as service updates, on our our library services blog.

Transforming services

We're constantly developing and improving our library services. This work has seen the development of our library hub services, which offer significantly-expanded scope and coverage in a more streamlined and efficient bibliographic database.

Our services

Purchasing and licensing management

We help you purchase digital content subscriptions and offer clear guidance on different licences.


Supporting purchasing and licence management


Licence subscriptions manager
Search, subscribe and manage all your subscriptions to Jisc Collections-negotiated digital content

Knowledge Base+
See what's included in your digital subscriptions and how they can be used

Usage statistics gathered and quality-assured on your behalf

Transnational education licensing
A simple, efficient way to license resources to students based abroad

Discovery and delivery

We’re supporting your discovery of digital and print collections and will help ensure the delivery of appropriate copies.


Supporting discovery and delivery


Library hub discover
Search the catalogues of a wide range of academic and specialist libraries to discover print and digital library resources

Library hub cataloguing
Download high quality catalogue records for use in your local library systems

Access millions of open access research papers

Knowledge Base+
A trusted list of titles to which you can subscribe then offer to users

Search over 52 million journal and conference papers and set up alerts on British Library data

Monitoring, evaluation and review

Helping you understand your long-term access rights as well as understand the value of your digital subscriptions and non-digital collections.


Supporting the evaluation and review of collections

Tracking ongoing access


Library hub compare
Manage and compare collections to make more informed decisions about your library holdings

View simple, accurate, comparable usage statistics

Knowledge Base+
Compare and make decisions on e-journal packages

We offer a benchmarked overview of library costs, across a range of library services, to help you make practical evidence-based decisions.

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Member stories

Raphael Hallett
Director, Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence

"Jisc's partnership with the Medical Heritage Library showcases a true 'meeting of minds' between archival ambition and digital expertise."

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