Learning and teaching reimagined

How we looked ahead to the future of digital learning and teaching after the initial response to COVID-19.

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Inspiration for an uncertain future

Learning and teaching reimagined, with the support of its advisory board, and more than 1,000 HE participants, provided university leaders with inspiration on what the future might hold, guidance on how to get there and practical tools to develop your plans.

Full report

The flagship learning and teaching reimagined report is the result of a five-month higher education initiative to understand the response to COVID-19 and explore the future of digital learning and teaching. It involved high levels of engagement with sector leaders, staff and students through webinars, roundtables, consultations, focus groups, surveys, interviews, and case studies.

Read the report, learning and teaching reimagined: a new dawn for higher education.

Watch the online event

Our webinar on 4 November 2020 coincided with the launch of the flagship report and summarised the findings.

Visions of the future

A collection of possible scenarios, created by experts to inspire us into thinking about what a preferable future for higher education might look like.

Scenarios for the near future

These scenarios describe the possible characteristics of the changes to learning and teaching in the upcoming years. We invite you to use these scenarios as the basis for exploratory discussions, to help determine the implications of change and challenge at an institutional and sector level.

Read the scenarios.

Visions for the long-term

Created by experts to inspire (and possibly scare) us into thinking about what a preferable future for higher education might look like. With contributions from leaders in UK higher education, startups and the Jisc community.

Explore the visions.

Moving forward

A library of introductory guides and in-depth advice on how technology and digital can enhance and improve learning and teaching.


Introductory guides for senior leaders on the fundamentals of digital learning and teaching.


In-depth advice and guidance for use across the learning and teaching spectrum.

Returning to campus

How can you engage your learners and students and embed that sense of belonging so that they feel part of the institution?  What should you consider? 


Personalising the student experience

One size doesn't fit all. More personalised approaches to learning will enable students, whatever their new circumstances, to access higher education in a way that fits around them and maximises their chances of success.


Supporting mental health and wellbeing

Universities are faced with the impact of a rapid rise in mental health issues among young people. Universities play a key role in supporting student and staff wellbeing particularly during times of crisis and uncertainty.


Meeting and exceeding student expectations

Students want value for money from their investment in higher education, with teaching quality and graduate outcomes especially important. They expect a trustworthy and consistent flow of digital information, from course information to admin.


Course design

Online teaching and learning at scale offer new opportunities and challenges. To make sure quality is not compromised, courses initially designed for face-to-face learning need careful review while blended learning and hybrid experiences of digital and on-campus activity can be used to benefit both students and staff.  


Student engagement

Staff need to be able to support and engage students remotely and help overcome barriers to connectivity, technology, and resources to help them stay on course. Early indicators can help universities identify those at risk to provide the most suitable help and support. 


Rethinking assessment and feedback

The case for rethinking assessment is stronger than ever. Disruption to the continuity of learning and the impact this could have on graduate futures bring to the fore the importance of underpinning assessment in a digital world.

As universities scale up online offering and workloads increase, automating elements of assessment and feedback could ease the administrative burden on teaching staff. 


Tools to guide you

Two tools, designed and built as part of this project, to guide you through the process of developing your university’s digital strategy.

Designed to stimulate thought-provoking discussions for more informed strategic choices.

A suite of co-creation tools for leaders who are devising visions, strategies, and investment plans.