Meeting accessibility regulations

Practical resources and advice to help you understand and implement government legislation.

What are the accessibility regulations?

On 23 September 2018 new regulations on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies came into force in the UK. 

The government are monitoring affected websites and apps to check they follow the rules and aren’t breaking legal requirements.


Am I affected?

These regulations require public sector websites and mobile applications to achieve specific accessibility standards. This applies to all publicly-funded higher and further education institutions, including Jisc and its members. Read more about how this affects HE, FE and schools on the government website.

How we can help

Be part of the digital accessibility community

Share experiences with other members and work together to crowdsource resources on our Microsoft Teams site. Apply to join the accessibility community Teams site.

You can also connect with accessibility experts in universities and colleges across the UK by signing up to the digital accessibility mailing list on JiscMail, or apply to host a local meetup in your area.

Find out more about ways to get involved.

Improve your accessibility skills and understanding

Our free lunchtime accessibility clinics give you the opportunity to ask questions about digital inclusion, provide feedback on areas that are problematic, and share your accessibility journey with others.

Sessions run every month from 12:30 to 13:30 on the first Wednesday the month in the academic calendar.

Find out more and register to attend.


Practical steps to meeting accessibility regulations

Advice and useful resources to help you, whatever stage you are at on your accessibility journey.


Accessibility regulations - what you need to know

We've worked with solicitors, and others in the sector, to compile a guide designed to give clarity to phrases and terms used in regulations and what these mean in practice for colleges and universities.


Video captioning and accessibility regulations

Audio and video recordings produced by colleges and universities must meet Public Sector Body Accessibility Regulations. Here, we share guidance on what you can do as well as tips from across the sector.


Contact our experts

  • Kellie Mote

    Kellie Mote

    Kellie is a subject specialist in accessibility and assistive technology and can offer expert advice in this area.

    Email Kellie.

  • John Kelly

    John Kelly

    John can give expert advice on the legal aspects around the accessibility regulations.

    Email John.

  • Julia Taylor

    Julia Taylor

    Julia can advise on using technology to enhance equality of engagement for all learners.

    Email Julia.

  • Laura Hutton

    Laura Hutton

    Laura can advise on implementing accessibility within your organisation, assistive technology and inclusive learning.

    Email Laura.


Drew McConnell, University of Glasgow,

“We did our best to talk about a change in attitude towards accessibility, rather than about technical compliance.”

Read more digital accessibility tips from the sector.