Laura Hutton

Subject specialist: strategy (accessibility)

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Accessible organisations


My role is to support members with the implementation of 'accessibility' in their organisation and compliance with the Public Sector Web regulations. I can provide guidance to organisations on increasing the adoption of accessibility within the working practice of their staff and students. I can also advise on using assistive technology and inclusive learning and teaching practice.

I am enthusiastic about sparking conversations, getting people sharing with each other and supporting each other to make learning and teaching more inclusive. I am here to support and develop communities of practice for those who are interested in progressing accessibility and inclusion.

Accessibility touches everything we do. It is vitality important that within education, as our lives become ever more 'digital', we use technology where appropriate to enhance the lives of staff and students, making the learner journey open and accessible to all.


I have an FE background, working within learning support on assistive technology and accessibility. I spent my time raising awareness, training students in software, promoting accessible working practices and using technology to support staff and students in their teaching and learning.