Leadership and culture

Develop a culture that prepares your university or college for a digitally transformed future.

​​​​​​​Effective digital leadership at any level of an organisation can inspire cultural change and empower entire teams to embrace digital and overcome barriers as part of a digital transformation.

We support every type of leader within higher and further education, from those early-on in their career wanting to be a catalyst for digital transformation in their area to those more experienced striving for organisational-wide cultural change. 

You have a range of practical resources at your fingertips on this page from advice, guidance, and exercises you can use today, a collection of webinars, events, and workshops to explore, and a range of specialist training programmes whatever your needs.

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What is a digital leader?

"Irrespective of title or position, a digital leader has the insights and aptitude to ask questions and compel others to consider choices."

John Sumpter, subject specialist

Training to suit your preferences

We deliver our training in several different ways. If you'd like to reduce travel time and costs then digital learning is an excellent option for you. Sessions are spread over several days and recorded to review later. Our in-person training offers you the opportunity to step away from the distractions of your home or office. While our tailored in-house delivery helps your institution target specific staff groups and focus on critical challenges. 

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Digital leaders programme

Of all the courses available, the digital leaders programme is one of the most popular. It gives you the tools and confidence to develop different, more flexible ways of delivering teaching and learning. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get involved in a set of engaging sessions.

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Supporting your leadership aspirations

High-level planning with facilitated workshops

Collaborative workshops are the ideal way to kick-off your strategic planning as a digital leader. Working across teams, you can ensure your institution has a clear set of ambitious, achievable goals.

The vision for change workshop brings senior managers and leadership teams together to focus collectively on where they are now as an organisation and where they want to be. Planning for action takes the strategic objectives from the vision for change workshop, and starts to unpack the considerations, prioritising them and forming an owned action plan. Throughout the process, our retained expertise service is your expert critical friend and mentor available to help you achieve your project goals.

Developing your digital leadership style

Join a combination of training courses, workshops, and webinars to develop your skills as a digital leader and connect with others from across higher and further education to shape the future of education. 

Two new events will be opening for registration soon: The importance of digital leadership webinar which will explore the attributes, skills, and drive needed for good digital leadership; and the leading the digital capabilities agenda workshop which will focus on the responsibilities and skills required to shape a practical skills agenda. To register your interest, contact consultancy@jisc.ac.uk

The two-hour training course, transformation through storytelling: a leader’s challenge, is another popular workshop which explores how narrative and data can combine to support people through organisational change.

Thought leadership

Advice and guidance


Digital inclusion

A toolkit for senior leaders with the key drivers and benefits of inclusive practice. It explains why inclusion needs to be central to digital strategy going forward in order to improve quality, to mitigate risk and meet student expectations.


The next normal – and beyond

A roundtable discussion among international college leaders covering some of the main issues facing the sector.


Learning and teaching reimagined: a new dawn for higher education?

Exploring the 2020 experience as well as the changing aspirations of the nature and shape of learning and teaching for the future.


How to shape your digital strategy

How to create a broad, organisationally-focused digital strategy that develops digital capabilities and harnesses the potential of digital devices and services.


Digital at the core: a 2030 strategy framework for university leaders

A long-term digital strategy framework designed as part of the learning and teaching reimagined initiative.


Vision and strategy toolkit

A collection of tools curated for leaders in higher education who are devising and implementing plans for the future.

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