Infrastructure and systems

Keeping you connected and agile while protecting your infrastructure and digital environment.

Technology is developing faster than ever before, creating challenges and opportunities in equal measure. As a trusted partner to members in education and research, we work with you to find the right digital solutions for your institution, so you can keep your users safe and your digital infrastructure future-proof.


Connect with others

Come together with other IT and networking professionals to share experiences and learn from each other. You can join groups specifically for leaders, technical network experts, or the rapidly growing cyber security community.

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Explore connectivity challenges with technical experts

The Tech 2 Tech event programme explores emerging connectivity approaches and new technologies. Each meeting has a different theme chosen by our members. 

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Staying safe online

From online harassment to harmful digital content, it's important to keep your organisation’s staff and students working safely online, whether they’re on or off-campus.

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Develop your knowledge with our guides


Networking, computers and the law

How to apply good practice in operating networks and systems to ensure you adhere to the law. Our guide covers handling illegal material, investigating copyright complaints and disclosure of information to the police.


Managing connectivity projects

Learning, teaching, research and business management at your organisation all depend on your network connection. These tips will help you stay on track with your connectivity project.


Aligning cloud connectivity with your cloud strategy

What you need to think about before migrating to the cloud including data transfer, bandwidth requirements and preparing for future growth.


Training to hone your skills

From incidence response to implementing eduroam, we have courses covering cloud computing, connectivity and cyber.

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Services to support your network

Connectivity to rely on

Eighteen million users rely on the Janet Network to stay connected.

Your Janet IP connection gives access to the world-class Janet Network and beyond, supporting access and roaming for all your users. You can extend your local area network (LAN) to additional sites within your IT estate, such as other campuses or facilities using Netpath or with an intersite connection. You can also take advantage of the network equipment framework to save time and money when purchasing a range of wired and wifi network equipment. 

Cloud solutions

The UK’s trusted partner, reseller and technical experts on the use of cloud in education and research.

When you need access to cloud services, the OCRE cloud framework is a simple, compliant solution that gets you up and running quickly and cost-effectively. For tailored support with any of your cloud activities, our cloud consultancy is a bespoke service designed to help you get the most out of cloud services.

Cyber security

Building solid security practice and culture together.

Cyber Essentials provides peace of mind that you’ve put essential security protections in place – and is critical for both reputation and compliance. 

As members of Jisc, you benefit from the Janet Network CSIRT working to safeguard your security by monitoring and resolving security incidents that occur on the Janet Network. Critical services protection is also available to protect business-critical services from targeted DDoS attacks.

Trust and identity

Manage access efficiently and effectively or use domain registry to request domains.

Robust access management is a must-have for all members.  The certificate service lets you manage all your certificates in one place including SSL and email. 

The UK Access Management Federation (UKAMF) is single solution giving your users access to online resources and services while OpenAthens make single sign-on simple for the library community.

Spotlight on members

Member story

Cardiff Metropolitan University: emerging stronger from cyber attack

When Sean Cullinan, head of information services at Cardiff Metropolitan University, realised the university’s systems were under attack, it kickstarted a powerful working relationship with Jisc that transformed security. 

Member story

UCL: Getting students access wherever they are in the world

How do you provide the same learning experience to a student overseas as one located in the UK? Head of digital student experience, David Goddard, talks about getting access to digital teaching and learning resources for students in China.

Member story

University of Sunderland: Delivering a digital education

The University of Sunderland has an ambition to become a truly digital first university. They’re taking staff and students on a journey to develop their digital skills, putting technology at the heart of what they do.

Member story

Cloud thinking

With learning and collaborating at a distance on everyone’s agenda, a new Institutes of Technology project is using cloud solutions to keep learners collaborating, wherever they are.

Member story

Ransomware attack: what we learned and how we recovered

Staff at Dundee and Angus College know only too well the impact of ransomware attacks, having been devastated by one in January 2020, after an unpatched endpoint was breached.

Ciaran Magee, ICT manager at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

“We’re currently moving four terabytes of data from Australia to Armagh. To be able to transfer the data across networks is infinitely better and the links are always improving. With the Janet Network we are on a one-gig network and from next year we’ll be upgrading that."

Find out how astronomers are transferring data around the globe.