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Seamless roaming connectivity across thousands of public sector locations.


Govroam is a national roaming service which provides ‘zero touch’ internet access to public sector staff across the UK.

Hundreds of public sector organisations currently use govroam, including NHS Trusts, local authorities and emergency services.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Easy-to-use internet access across thousands of locations - once configured, devices will connect automatically at any participating site
  • Authenticates users securely
  • Replaces the need for guest accounts for visiting public sector colleagues
  • Overlays your existing wireless systems and can leverage your current RADIUS services
  • Supports various authentication methods, accommodating your organisation's requirements and policies
  • Tried and tested technology, building on our extensive experience operating eduroam
  • Available via the G-Cloud framework, offering procurement confidence

You can read more details about the service, including technical documentation and FAQs on the govroam wiki.

Govroam venues

View an interactive map of govroam venues or see a list of participating organisations in the UK.

Mapping data is also available through the govroam companion app, so you can find where govroam is offered in your region (free to download from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS.)

Start using govroam

If your organisation is interested in govroam, or would like to know more, email us at to discuss next steps.

Eligibility and service documents

Our goal is to make govroam available wherever it will support productive work and collaboration within the public sector.

Full details of eligibility for membership and the enrolment process is set out in the govroam service definition. An organisation wishing to become a member must be one of the following:

  • More than 50% publicly funded
  • Have charitable status
  • A commercial organisation providing services to a state or public body
  • A commercial provider acting as an RFO for its govroam customers

Please note: individuals cannot join govroam alone, the organisation you work for has to sign up. If you think the service would be useful, talk to your networking team about joining govroam.

Service documents

Tariff information

Govroam is a subscription-supported service. The charges are set at a level to cover the operational costs and development activities only. These are reviewed annually. 

Further details of the above charging model are set out in the govroam pricing document (pdf).

  • Individual organisations
    A single organisation which signs an agreement with Jisc directly.
    An organisation may comprise multiple locations or servers (see page five of the pricing document for detailed definition).
    - Monthly charge: £319 or yearly charge (with 5% discount): £3,640
  • Regional federation
    A group of organisations under a single regional federation operator (RFO).
    Consists of 2 to 25 organisations.
    Only the RFO signs terms with Jisc.
    - Monthly charge: £740 or yearly charge (with 5% discount): £8,460
  • 'Super' regional federation
    A group of organisations under a single regional federation operator (RFO).
    Consists of 26+ organisations.
    Only the RFO signs terms with Jisc.
    - Monthly charge: £3,170 or yearly charge (with 5% discount): £36,220

G-Cloud procurement framework

The service can be purchased direct from Jisc, or via the G-Cloud procurement framework.

G-Cloud is a set of simple and legally-compliant frameworks that allow public sector organisations to buy technology products and services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods.

With G-Cloud, all listed suppliers are pre-vetted to ensure compliance with public contract regulations. Govroam has therefore been through a rigorous process to ensure its credibility and suitability for the public sector.

Privacy notice

The govroam service does not gather any personal information from end users, but various processes behind the scenes require us to be able to contact the administrators in subscribing organisations.

Their information is needed for us to setup your organisation’s govroam subscription and to access the service. We’ll use it, as described in our standard privacy notice, to provide the service you’ve requested, as well as to identify problems or ways to make the service better.

The contact information for the person or team providing business-to-business govroam technical support specifically will also be shared with the govroam administrators community when they access the govroam wiki, for the purpose of issue resolution between subscribing organisations. We will also be sharing analytics data from our app with a third party company but this will not include any personal data, only fully anonymised data.

Jisc works with Procog Ltd. to develop and maintain our mobile apps, and in this role they may encounter administrator account details for the mapping tool.

We’ll keep the information until we are told that you no longer wish to subscribe, at which point it will be removed from both the service and wiki systems.

No personal data is collected by this service and though data is shared with our third party and used for diagnostics and tracking purposes all this data is anonymised.

Govroam configuration assistance tool

The govroam configuration assistance tool (CAT) helps ensure the correct configuration of end-user devices. It builds customised installers for a number of popular platforms using configuration details entered by local govroam administrators. End users can access these installers either from the CAT website or via a dedicated app.

Note that an installer prepared for one organisation will not work for users of another one, therefore if your organisation is not on the list, you cannot use this system.

The govroam CAT is currently in beta. Please email the govroam team at to discuss using this tool.

Service health checks

Already using govroam? Get peace of mind that your govroam service is deployed correctly with our expert consultancy team and conduct a service health check. A health check will ensure your govroam service is securely and effectively deployed. It ensures your users get the most from the service and reduces knock-on complaints and administrative burdens on your network teams in the future.

At the end of your health check you will be provided with a full report on your govroam setup’s performance and any issues with your service.

Contact or your relationship manager to arrange a health check.

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certificates.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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