UK ORCID community

Bringing together members and prospective members of the UK ORCID consortium to share good practice and experiences.

Facilitated by Jisc

Members and prospective members of the UK ORCID consortium

Events throughout the year, mailing list and Microsoft Teams community group

About the community

The UK ORCID community brings together members and prospective members of the UK ORCID consortium. The community provides a space to share and compare experiences, and good practice guidance, of ORCID integration in UK higher education and research organisations.

Peers can discuss approaches and strategies to improve uptake and progress integration, and receive updates from ORCID and the Jisc support team. 

The community acts to change the infrastructure landscape. It holds events throughout the year, has a mailing list and Microsoft Teams community space.  Together, members work towards the aim to use and apply ORCID IDs more effectively to bring about benefits for researchers and research organisations.

Who can join

The community is open with the criteria of consortium membership (or an interest in prospective membership) preferred. Roles that will find this group valuable include:

  • Research data managers
  • Content delivery managers
  • Heads of library research services
  • Library digital service managers
  • Research support librarians
  • Library systems managers
  • Open access and research repository specialists
  • Senior policy advisors
  • Research and innovation staff
  • Research information managers
  • Heads of scholarly communications management
  • Research asset management project leads
  • Heads of research performance
  • Impact and integrity staff

Payment may be required for non-members.

How to get involved

For discussion with other members of the UK HE community implementing ORCID, join the ORCID UK JiscMail list.

Please email for further information.