UK ORCID consortium membership

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Benefit from lower-cost membership and UK-based technical and community support.

ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based initiative to provide researcher identifier solutions that enable a wide range of improvements to the scholarly communications ecosystem. 

ORCID is being offered to UK universities through a national consortium arrangement. Benefits include reduced membership costs and UK-based technical and community support for implementation.


It offers many improvements to the way that research is managed for research organisations and their researchers:

  • Being a key component of a universities digital infrastructure; helping the institution and their researchers respond to funders’ research data management and open access policies 
  • Acting like a hub that connects with institutional, funder, publisher, and other researcher identifier systems
  • Providing efficiencies for researchers through automating the movement of research information between internal and external systems and by enabling automated CVs for researchers
  • Enabling more streamlined institutional processes such as greater automated disambiguation of authors when aggregating information about an institution’s research outputs from external sources
  • Facilitating the transfer of information about researchers and their outputs when they move organisation
  • Creating a means of linking information between institutions and systems nationally and internationally
  • Enabling better data quality and increased data transfer between scholarly systems and national and international services

ORCID technical and community support

Jisc is working with ORCID to provide technical support. This is available through our technical and community support website, by emailing and events.

How to join

Log in to the license subscriptions manager website to become a member of the ORCID consortium.

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