Making your collections AI ready

Join us to discuss making your collections AI ready in the light of increasing computational approaches to Humanities, Arts & Social Science research.

  • One hour
  • Online
  • Free

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AI is set to become intrinsic to many areas of humanities, science and many forms of research. Peter Findlay will chair this webinar, to encourage the library community to be bold in digitisation choices to support research and researchers with collections and to feel more confident with the impending introduction of AI into the community.

Peter will be joined by Ines Byrne, Digital Transition Manager at the National Library of Scotland who will present on the successful delivery of collections via the Data Foundry which are data collections from the National Library of Scotland. Ines will cover why they built the foundry, the process, what were the challenges of doing so and what might be the opportunities for universities to get collections out there to address the needs of both researchers and machines.

Jodie Double, Digital Content and Copyright Manager at the University of Leeds, will discuss the risks and how to think about and manage them. She will also explore how we can move forward through a digitisation process which provides access to collections so that both people and machines can consume them in an age of AI. Jodie has been involved in a wide variety of digital collection and preservation initiatives at Leeds over the years and gives consideration to releasing data collections.

Who should attend

Librarians who have strategic oversight of special collections including archives and those who simply want to respond to the demand for more data and how they might make their collections AI ready.


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk