Education 4.0

Transforming the future of education through advanced technology.

What does the rise of AI mean for education?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world and education is no exception. Our new report looks at the current state of play, including apps that are available today and case studies to demonstrate where they have already made an impact.

Read the report and find out more.

How can we use technology to improve the future of assessment?

Existing and emerging technologies are starting to play a role in changing assessment. Our report sets five targets for the next five years to progress assessment towards being more authentic, accessible, appropriately automated, continuous and secure.

Read our five principles and five targets for 2025.

Debra Gray, principal of Grimsby Institute, part of TEC Partnership

“I know that students we are educating will be engaging with technology in their careers, that industry 4.0 advancements are transforming the world of work and that colleges must change and adapt to serve that new world.” 

The second episode of the HE leaders podcast examines the new and changing needs of students and how universities can engage them in helping to design their own experience.

The student of the future

What do you think teaching and learning will be like in ten years? Fast forward to 2029 and discover Natalie_4.0, a fully immersive experience from the perspective of a history and geography undergraduate of the future.

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