DCDC23 exhibitors

Meet the exhibitors for DCDC2023.

AM Quartex

AM Quartex logo

AM’s digital collections and technology platforms enrich the study, research, and teaching of primary sources. AM works with libraries, archives, and heritage institutions to digitise the world’s historical and cultural knowledge. Developed to present AM's own primary source collections, Quartex helps customers bring archival materials to life.

Visit the AM Quartex website.

British Library

British Library logo

British Library Digitisation and On Demand Services have been at the forefront of digitisation and document supply for many years. As guardians of the nation’s treasures, we are world-leading experts in handling rare, fragile materials. By working with us you will have access to our expert conservators, imaging specialists, and high-spec studios in St Pancras and Boston Spa. For document supply, we scan and send chapters and articles from our collections so you can have them when and where you need them, and we provide access to vast stores of digital content. Search and order from over 42 million items right now or find out more about what British Library On Demand can do for you or your organisation.

Visit British Library Digitisation Services and British Library On Demand or find them on Twitter @BL_Digitisation and @ondemandBL

Durham University Library

Durham University library and collections logo

University Library and Collections sits at the heart of Durham University, providing spaces, infrastructure, collections, expertise and services that support education, research, the wider student experience and cultural and educational outreach. Our nationally and internationally recognised collections span early books, archives and manuscripts, museum objects and art. We have four nationally Designated Collections: Bishop Cosin’s Library, the Sudan Archive and our Chinese and Egyptian Collections; and we work closely with regional partners, Ushaw College and Durham Cathedral on the management of their outstanding collections. We provide research access to over 5km of archives, manuscripts and special book collections at Palace Green Library; and care for over 100,000 objects, ranging in date from over 250,000 years ago to the present day, in our University museums.

Visit Durham University Library and Collections Blog or find them on Twitter @dulib, Facebook.com/dulib, Instagram.com/du_lib


GALE logo

Gale connects libraries to learning and learners to libraries. For more than 60 years, Gale, a Cengage Company has partnered with libraries around the world to empower the discovery of knowledge and insights by all people, for all purposes. Knowledge is power, and the act of learning is empowering. Access to knowledge offers learners an opportunity to discover the motivation and inspiration vital to making a positive contribution in not only their own lives, but the rest of the world. That’s why Gale provides libraries with original and curated content, as well as the modern research tools that are crucial in connecting libraries to learning and learners to libraries.

Visit the Gale website or find them on Twitter @GaleEMEA


Jisc logo

Jisc is the UK digital, data and technology agency focused on tertiary education, research and innovation. We are a not-for-profit organisation and believe education and research improves lives and that technology improves education and research. We provide shared services, infrastructure and advice to help you manage your library and archival resources, research publication lifecycle and research outputs. Join us as DCDC23 as we highlight a range of services such as Archives Hub, Historical Texts/Journal Archives and Octopus.

Visit Libraries learning resources and research and find us on Twitter @Jisc

The National Archives

The national archives logo

We are a non-ministerial department and the official archive and publisher for the UK Government, and for England and Wales. We are the guardians of over 1,000 years of iconic national documents. We are expert advisers in information and records management and are a cultural, academic and heritage institution. We fulfil a leadership role for the archive sector, work to secure the future of physical and digital record and, as an independent research organisation, we lead and produce high-quality, interdisciplinary research.

Visit The National Archives website or find them on Twitter @UkNatArcRes, @UkNatArchives and @UKNatArcSector