Networkshop 2024: Building the powerful connections needed to deliver the best learner experience

Joy Palmer

Explore next generation networking while also contributing to your continued professional development programme.

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Next generation networking is already driving digital transformation across the sector. For universities and colleges, connectivity is at the core of this transformation: the reliable, powerful, secure connectivity that’s essential to deliver the best learner experience.

Anyone in tertiary education who is looking to better understand how technology can improve the teaching, learning and research environment will find inspiration at this year’s Networkshop 2024.

It’s a forum for exploring the latest innovations in connectivity – and for finding out how Jisc is working to make the benefits of these emerging technologies available to our members and customers.

Taking place June 18-19 at Nottingham Trent University and June 20 online, it’s a great opportunity to discover and be inspired by current best practice, the latest thinking and exciting innovations.

At Networkshop 2024 we’ll show you how to navigate the dynamic landscape of connectivity and develop practical strategies to power positive change. You’ll be able to:

Explore the changing role of IT in driving digital transformation

We’ll show you how the latest innovations in connectivity and emerging technologies can shape education, research and public services, enabling you to achieve your priorities and help your institution thrive in the evolving digital infrastructure landscape.

Key topics including software-defined networking (SDN), 5G and IoT will be covered in thought-provoking sessions and practical hands-on workshops led by sector and industry experts.

We’ll also be detailing the key developments and innovations that will enable the Janet Network service to keep pace with upcoming new demands from the sector in terms of speed and capabilities.

Learn more about the art (and science) of optimising IT infrastructure

We’ll help you explore practical strategies to ensure your networks are agile, scalable and seamlessly aligned with dynamic demands.

We’ll share best practices on navigating digital transformation advances in network design and balancing the benefits of cloud and edge computing.

You’ll also see how colleges and universities are rising to the challenge of sustainability in networking: real-life case studies will show how digital delivery of infrastructure can help achieve sustainability targets, and highlight the next steps that your own organisation could take to meet the net zero imperative.

Find out how to strengthen security in the face of rising threats

Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility for cyber security, especially in a hybrid cloud world.

We’ll look at the latest developments in network security to increase your resilience in a changing threat landscape, and share practical advice on safeguarding your network.

Discover the benefits of putting users at the heart of network development

The changing needs and experiences of users mean that designing user-centred, accessible and inclusive networks is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We’ll explore how to develop strategies to design networks that meet the diverse needs of all users. ·

Who should attend?

Networkshop 2024 aims to keep you ahead of the game by equipping you to respond rapidly to the increasing demands of an agile, blended learning environment – no matter where your institution is on its digital transformation journey.

The event will be especially useful to you if your role involves IT or cyber security at any level, from network engineer to CTO.

It will also be of interest to non-technical staff – principals, vice principals, heads of business transformation, heads of department, estate managers, HR, training and development leads – who need to understand the impact that new technologies can have on improving the learning environment.

You’ll come away equipped to implement new ideas and influence change in your own organisation.

And I’m very pleased to say that the CPD Certification Service has once again recognised the learning value of the event by confirming that attendance at Networkshop 2024 will count towards your continued professional development (CPD) programme.

To find out more about how secure, sustainable next generation networking can build powerful connections for you and your institution, book your place at Networkshop 2024.

View the Networkshop 2024 programme.

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