VLE review

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A strategic review of your VLE, to help you take steps to improve the student experience.

Enhancing the digital experience for students is vital for today’s organisations, and virtual learning environments (VLEs) can help stimulate learning, encourage collaboration, and improve curriculum delivery.

But they aren’t always used or valued as fully as they might be. We offer a review to help you make the most of your VLE investment and improve the student experience.

Reviewing your VLE

We help you explore what you want from your VLE and assess your current position, before offering recommendations for next steps to take.

Define what success looks like

A key process is helping you understand what you want to achieve, such as:

  • Creating a richer student experience to meet students’ changing expectations about digital content
  • Enhancing curriculum delivery and design through effective communication and collaboration
  • Increasing VLE use by ensuring that it is valued by staff and students

Assess the current state of your VLE

To achieve your vision you need a clear picture of your current position. Our review helps you to do this by:

  • Engaging with staff and students to give a voice to the people who use the platform
  • Understanding how the VLE is valued by staff and students
  • Observing how the VLE works in practice to help assess the user experience

Identify next steps

At the end of the process we can offer recommendations to support your next steps. These may included developing staff skills, making technical changes to improve the VLE and planning the deployment of a new system.

How the service works

Our review process is designed to help us understand your needs from your VLE.

We will:

  • Send you a scoping questionnaire, to understand your priorities and the current state of your VLE
  • Hold an online meeting with you for deeper discussion
  • Conduct a visit to campus, to meet with students and staff across different levels of your organisation and ask for their feedback on the VLE
  • Access your VLE remotely, using student-level logins which we will request from you (this is essential so we can observe how the VLE works in practice)
  • Finally, present our observations and recommendations to you online, and also send them via email

We can also offer a range of further support.

This might include presenting to senior management, further strategic planning, workshops, in-depth bespoke consultancy or acting as a ‘critical friend’ to your VLE project.

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