Artificial intelligence in further education discussion clinic

Your opportunity to ask questions about artificial intelligence (AI) in further education.

  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • Free

This course will be held on

  • 26 March 2024

    • Online
    • 12:30 – 13:30

About the clinic

Are you interested in exploring the use of AI in further education?

This monthly session gives you the opportunity to meet with our AI team along with members of the wider AI in FE community. This is an opportunity to share your own ideas and experiences of AI in education and connect with other community members.

During the session you can:

  • Learn more about AI and the challenges and opportunities it presents
  • Engage in discussion around key themes, for example, generative AI, AI marking, AI content creation
  • Discuss best practice for the ethical adoption of AI tools
  • Share your own experiences of AI in FE
  • Connect with members of the community and find common solutions to shared problems

The session will be led by members of our artificial intelligence team with input from colleagues and members of the wider AI community.

This is also a session for discussion and ideas sharing as AI is such a divisive and emerging area where there are not necessarily clear solutions or consensus yet.

Artificial intelligence in further education discussion clinics will run from 12:30 to 13:30 on the last Tuesday of each month during the academic calendar. 

Session preparation and setup

Before the clinic, please read below to ensure successful access.

  • The clinic is run in Zoom and only available to Jisc member organisations.
  • Live automated captioning and transcription will be available. For the best experience, download the Zoom client for your device
  • You'll also need a headset, or headphones and a microphone
  • Please sign in using your full name
  • Participants’ microphones will be muted on entry. If you would like to speak, please use the raise hand tool or the chat pane to indicate this
  • We'll be taking questions during the session, which you can submit in the chat pane

Who should attend

Anyone from a Jisc FE member organisation (UK further education colleges, specialist colleges or higher education institutions) with an interest in AI and education, for example, digital leads, innovation support, lecturers.


For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.