Jisc security conference 2022

7-8 November, ICC Wales
9 November, online

Defend as one to improve your security posture

Security should be at the top of every staff member’s agenda, and this year’s security conference provided you with an in-depth programme to tackle this need head-on.

Your organisation’s online security is the responsibility of every member of your team. A holistic approach is required and everyone has their part to play.

Through working together and employing the latest security practices we can effectively safeguard colleagues, infrastructure and your reputation.

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The question is, are you prepared for when it happens?

The harsh reality is, it’s not a question of if, but when… If you’ve avoided the attention of cyber criminals so far, you should expect an attack at some point.

We came together as a community to hear the latest information and advice on staying secure from members, Jisc and industry experts at this year’s security conference.

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Keynote speakers 2022

  • Matilda Rhode

    Matilda Rhode

    Head of cyber innovation and scouting, Airbus Operations Ltd.

    Matilda will give the opening keynote on day one.

  • Pete Burnap

    Pete Burnap

    Professor of data science and cyber security, Cardiff University

    Pete will give the opening keynote on day one.

  • Dave Spence

    Dave Spence

    Account director, KHIPU Networks

    Dave will give the keynote for KHIPU on day one.

  • Larisa Davidovic

    Larisa Davidovic

    Head of technical pre-sales and dev ops, KHIPU Networks

    Larisa will give the keynote for KHIPU on day one.

  • Sarah Lawson

    Sarah Lawson

    Director of information services division (interim) and CISO, UCL

    Sarah will give the opening keynote on day two.

  • Adrian Ellison

    Adrian Ellison

    Associate pro vice-chancellor and chief information officer, University of West London

    Adrian will give the opening keynote on day two.

  • Alex Harding

    Alex Harding

    Head of IT services, Runshaw College

    Alex will be on the keynote panel on day two.

  • Chris Parker MBE

    Chris Parker MBE

    Director of government, Fortinet UK

    Chris will give the keynote for Fortinet on day two.

  • Tasha G

    Tasha G

    Deputy director cyber assessments, NCSC

    Tasha will give the opening keynote on day three.

  • Zac Warren

    Zac Warren

    Chief security advisor, Tanium

    Zac will give the keynote for Tanium on day three.

  • Alison Wakefield

    Alison Wakefield

    Professor of criminology and security studies, University of West London

    Alison will give the closing keynote on day three.

  • Jon Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson

    Executive head of IT, Milton Keynes College

    Jonathan will be on the keynote panel on day two.

Sponsorship and exhibition

Email exhibitors.securityconf@jisc.ac.uk to find out more about any opportunities available.

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