About Security Conference 2024

Join us on 26-27 November 2024, ICC Wales and 28 November 2024 online.

The next era of defence

Security Conference 2024 is a call to action. Join us as we empower the industry to defend together, share intelligence and productively strengthen sector resilience. Gain knowledge, strategies, and the collaborative spirit needed to protect valuable research data, student information, and institutional reputation. Together, we can power education and research into the next era of defence.

Programme themes

Four key themes will run across each of our event days.

Leadership and governance

Focusing on the strategic aspects of cyber security and highlighting the role of leadership and effective governance in building cyber resilience. Addressing the need for proactive strategies, clear policies, and visionary leadership to navigate the evolving threat landscape.

Operations and assurance

Exploring the operational aspects of cyber security management, such as best practices for day-to-day operations, incident response and assurance practices. We'll address the need for efficient and effective operational process, continuous monitoring, and assurance mechanisms to validate cyber security measures.

Technology and innovation

Discover innovative technologies, solutions, and strategies for enhancing cyber security defences and staying ahead of emerging threats. Delve into the role of innovation in shaping the future of cyber defence and learn cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

Culture and awareness

Learn how to foster a cyber security aware culture, promote behavioural change, and build trust and confidence in your cyber security measures and practices. Explore the importance of cultural transformation, leadership, and communication in creating a resilient cyber security culture.

Call for speakers

Apply to speak at Security Conference 2024

If you would be interested in speaking at this year’s event, please complete the form before the deadline of Friday, 6 September, at 17:00.

This year, we will be including the following types of sessions on the programme:

  • Presentation: a deep dive into a specific topic
  • Lightning talk: a quick-fire talk grouped with other speakers on the same subject
  • Panel discussion: a group discussion on a subject offering a variety of perspectives
  • Workshop: a group discussion involving participation from attendees on a specific topic

Security Conference 2024 is a CPD-accredited event


Jisc is a member of the CPD Certification Service - by attending Security Conference 2024, you could add this learning time towards your individual continuing professional development goals. After the event, you'll receive a digital certificate with CPD points to add to your personal log or organisational file.

Find out more about the benefits of CPD.


Security Conference 2024 will take place at ICC Wales, The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1HQ.

Sustainability - reducing our global impact

We work hard to reduce the impact that Security Conference 2024 has on the environment, locally and globally.


Security conference 2024 takes place in person on the 26 and 27 November at the ICC Wales. The ICC Wales has several measures in place to reduce its environmental impact which include:

  • Continuing to minimise the amount of waste disposed of as general waste, increasing recycling and supporting the circular economy, by providing the correct level of waste receptacles
  • Reducing packaging waste by using recyclable packaging where possible
  • Using locally grown products and create menus around seasonal ingredients
  • Using low emission vehicles for travel between ICC Wales sister sites for staff members
  • Using LED lighting throughout the venue
  • Publishing performance on environmental performance
  • By offering the opportunity to attend online on the 9 November, hundreds of delegates will not need to travel to Newport


We work with exhibition suppliers who offer multiple display deliveries and re-use stands which further reduce the environmental impact vs traditional 'space only' events.

We actively encourage exhibitors to be mindful of their environmental impact.

The approach we take with our exhibitions encourages the use of digital messaging, reducing the opportunity for printed materials, graphics, and giveaways.

At the event

The security conference app significantly reduces the amount of printing required at the event. Any event printing is now FSC certified and fully recyclable. All laminate or UV finishes have been removed from our marketing materials, ensuring that recycling can occur.

Our lanyards are made of bamboo and PET materials that are biodegradable.

The use of Foamex materials has been replaced with recyclable alternatives for any signage or branding at events. We have eliminated the use of vinyl opting for alternative recyclable or reusable materials.

Contact us

Talk to us about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at next year's security conference by emailing exhibitors.securityconf@jisc.ac.uk.