Research systems consultancy

Specialised support to guide you through the process of identifying and procuring the right research system.

About the service

Procuring a new research system, such as a repository or current research information system, can be a long and challenging process. There are many users and stakeholders to consider, and it can be difficult to determine which system will best meet their needs.

Our research systems consultancy has been created to provide a structure to guide you through that process.

Whether you have identified a problem with your existing research infrastructure or have made the decision to procure, we can provide guidance and support. We can help you establish and agree the problems that the system needs to solve, identify user needs and use those needs to find the right solution.


Tried and tested methods 

Our method emphasises the importance of establishing the problem before determining the solution and places users and stakeholders at the heart of the process of identifying needs and requirements.  

The consultancy is delivered through a series of up to five workshops that cover the following topics:

  • Scoping the problem and stakeholders 
  • Consulting users and stakeholders 
  • Analysing findings 
  • Creating system requirements 
  • Getting procurement ready 

The service also includes regular catch ups with the Jisc team to make sure that the work is on track and delivering the required outcomes. 

Confidence in your decision 

Our support seeks to build on the expertise of your inhouse team. We give you the time and space to identify your needs as an institution and to confidently select the system that best suits your specific circumstances and priorities. 

Gathering input from an extended circle of stakeholders and hearing the views of users not only allows the needs of all users to be considered, but also begins the process of engagement necessary for user acceptance of the new system. 


This service is for anyone involved in the selection and procurement of a new or replacement research system.