Research management systems DPS

Save time when purchasing a CRIS or repository for the management and sharing of your organisation’s research.

About the service

Our service enables you to purchase a repository or current research information system (CRIS) from pre-qualified suppliers who conform to sector priorities around the management of research activities.

Our stringent processes comply with EU procurement rules so you can rest assured that the suppliers chosen will provide you with the best value and quality of service.


Procured in accordance with The Public Contract Regulations 2015

The service is a compliant route to market. Contact for a copy of the contract notice 2024/S 000-003275.

Save procurement time

We pre-qualify all suppliers on the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) to ensure they can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. Depending on the requirements, your procurement could be completed in around four weeks.

Access expert advice and guidance

By purchasing through our service, you gain access to our in-house technical experts who can provide impartial advice on all aspects of research management systems. For more tailored and in depth guidance, we also provide a wraparound consultancy service.

Get the best value

We can help you identify your specific research management system needs and any unnecessary requirements.

Dynamic supplier list

New suppliers can join at any time during the lifetime of the DPS, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology.


The DPS can be used by higher and further education institutions, specialist colleges and research council establishments in the UK, as well as any other organisations connected to the Janet network, including local authorities, regional broadband consortia, or other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of further or higher education.

Full information on eligibility is available in the buyer's guide (pdf).

Get started

Whether you know your requirements or are just starting out, get in touch and we'll help you with next steps.


Procurement process

Starting out

When you're ready to begin your procurement, you'll need to complete a mini-competition document, then send it to We've created a mini-competition template (word docx), which you can download and customise for your own use.

We'll help ensure your requirements are technically sound, phrased appropriately and ready for publication on our e-tendering portal, which is where all communication with potential bidders takes place.


A mini-competition must be live for at least ten days. If the requirements are complex, we would advise allowing three to four weeks.

Making a decision

Once the deadline passes, we'll download all the bids and return them to you for review. On reaching a decision, you'll need to advise us of the outcome and provide feedback for unsuccessful bidders, who we will notify via the portal. Once the contract is signed, you confirm the contract value and we publish the contract award notice.

Remember to let us know if the procurement is terminated.


CRIS suppliers

Supplier name: MyScienceWork

System name: Polaris OS

Contact: Yann Mahé (

Repository suppliers

Supplier name: MyScienceWork

System name: Polaris OS

Contact: Yann Mahé (