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Now is the time to reimagine the research estate

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an opportunity to better support the UK research and innovation sector in the management of its research estate.

We're seeking input to garner community views on the potential for a next-generation digital approach to the management of the research estate. What are the opportunities to provide better utilisation, encourage higher quality multidisciplinary research and reduce costs?

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Trusted research, 3 February 2021

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Manage your research outputs in a single, Plan S-compliant system

We know you need simple, cost-effective ways to manage, store and share your digital research outputs. In addition, you need to meet Plan S, and other funder and publisher mandates, for open scholarship. And we know you'd like to lift some of the administrative burden around open access publishing.

In partnership with the UK research sector, we've developed a multi-content research repository to meet these needs. It's the most interoperable system on the market, which makes it easier to report against funder mandates and reduces re-keying information between systems.

Connecting brilliant minds of the past with researchers shaping the future

You can now access newly-formed collection, the British Association for the Advancement of Science - Collections on the History of Science (1830s-1970s) on the Wiley Digital Archive Platform.

Materials include some of Darwin’s contributions to the science of evolution, notes on the discovery of the gas helium and the findings of Edward Jenner, who pioneered the world's first ever vaccine. Upon completion, the digital collection will comprise of one million pages.

Improving research practice as a community

Our digital research community provides a safe space for you to explore how technology and innovation can help improve current research practices.

Researchers, research leaders, research managers and other professionals in the field, such as developers, software engineers, library and IT staff can all join.

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Services to support your research

These services can help you ensure financial sustainability.


Keep your digital assets and digital collections usable 

Research repository
A next generation repository for all your digital objects

Research repository plus
Manage, store, preserve and share your digital outputs

Research outputs repository DPS
Save time purchasing a repository for research outputs

Digital archival collections group purchasing scheme
Lower the cost of acquiring digital archival collections

Jisc Collections
We negotiate and license digital content agreements

We negotiate and license software and online resource agreements

Digital experience insights
Use powerful data to make smart digital investments

Shared services

More services for complete research support. You can also explore our full range of advice and guidance.


Janet Network
The UK’s national research and education network (NREN)

Consultancy, support and reseller of services

Connection services and infrastructure

Cyber security
Protecting the network and your organisation

Trust and identity
Manage access efficiently and effectively



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