Publications Router

Automatically populating institutions' repositories with their authors' research articles.

Publications Router gathers information from content providers such as publishers, and passes it to institutions to help them capture their research articles onto their systems – such as their repositories or current research information systems (CRISs).

The router examines the affiliations of each article’s co-authors to determine the appropriate target repositories (or CRISs). It then delivers a notification about it (and often also the article itself) to the appropriate registered repositories or CRISs.


By automating this process, the router reduces administrative effort at institutions, alerts them to more of their outputs than they might otherwise be aware of, and helps maximise each article’s distribution and exposure.

Importantly, it helps institutions comply cost-effectively with the open access policies of research funding bodies, notably the policy on open access and the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

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Find out how to take advantage of the service via the Publications Router website, or contact us and we’ll take you through how to get started.

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