Open Access Switchboard

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An independent exchange hub connecting funders, institutions and publishers.

The Open Access Switchboard streamlines communication and the transfer of open access publication-level information to verify eligibility.

This service aims to help the research community transition to full open access and become the primary research publication model. Established as a not-for-profit collaboration led by the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association, it provides the essential infrastructure, standards and back-office services. Watch an animated video about reporting using the switchboard


  • It manages the complex network of open access agreements between publishers and institutions
  • Reduces the administrative burden for all stakeholders
  • Simplifies the processes surrounding open access publication management and reporting
  • Provides shared infrastructure and back-office services allowing users to pass publication metadata between each other
  • Uses a standard messaging protocol and automated validation and routing for the exchange of publication metadata

"Our institution sees the Open Access Switchboard as a positive development towards improving the efficiency of workflows when the publishing landscape is increasingly complex. The participation of Jisc and their agreement make it a priority for us to support and encourage its integration with Jisc services."

Suzanne Atkins, Open access and research publications advisor, University of Birmingham

Why is Jisc involved?

Jisc is working with the Open Access Switchboard to explore how UK institutions can best benefit from this service’s shared data and infrastructure. As a result, an agreement has been reached to allow higher education institutions that are Jisc members to use the switchboard for free throughout 2024.

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