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A central resource where you can find student and graduate labour market information.

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Luminate is the home of data, trends, advice and thought leadership on student and graduate experiences of career planning and employment.

Luminate is designed for universities, careers advisers, recruiters, employers and anyone interested in labour market information.

As well as features, you will find the latest research, reports such as our annual What do graduates do? publication and information on industry events to bring you face-to-face with the experts.


  • A central resource - find all of the latest the latest student and graduate labour market data, trends and advice in one place
  • Credible - you can be confident that our features and reports are written by industry experts and data is our own or from credible sources such as ISE
  • Saves you time - we dissect the latest research so you don’t have to, making it easier to apply and use in a work context

Research and analysis services

We can help you to improve student outcomes through developing a deeper understanding of their experiences of employment and career planning.

Through our extensive research into labour market trends, we have unrivalled insights into what graduates do, where they go and what their motivations are. We help universities and employers to analyse and interpret data, providing intelligence that has significant business impact and communicable through workshops and talks.

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