Library hub compare

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A collection management tool designed to help you make effective use of library space, prioritise preservation programmes and reach better buying decisions.

This is part of a suite of library services, which build on the aggregation of data contained in the national bibliographic knowledgebase (NBK).

Library hub compare allows you to use NBK data to benchmark your monograph and serials collections against those of other libraries, using comparative analytics. It puts clear, simple data from the UK’s higher education, research and specialist library collections at your fingertips.

You can use it to develop, test and run your own queries so you can save on staff time and reach decisions more rapidly.

This approach also helps you to:

  • Understand the regional and national distributed collection, so you can weed out duplicated, outdated and under-used stock
  • Make data-informed procurement and collections management decisions
  • Plan digitisation and conservation programmes
  • Manage legacy content
  • Identify and market your special and unique collections

Comprehensive coverage, with a focus on UK collections

The national bibliographic knowledgebase offers the most complete aggregation of metadata from the UK’s academic, national and specialist libraries (including many small non-academic research libraries). Library hub compare can provide you with highly detailed overviews that inform ongoing workflows and specific projects.

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