Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP)

A shared portal to enable more efficient access to e-resource usage statistics.

This centrally managed service gathers standardised e-resources usage data on behalf of libraries. It presents data back through flexible and time saving reports in a single interface.

JUSP provides you with easy and timely access to comprehensive and quality-assured COUNTER usage statistics so that you can make effective and informed decisions about your institution's investment in licensed content and open access initiatives.

By collecting, aggregating, and presenting COUNTER compliant usage data on behalf of libraries, JUSP allows you to spend less time on data collection and more on data analysis.

The service:

  • Helps libraries to assess value for money
  • Offers economies of scale, saving institutions time and money
  • Ensures better quality of data through shared approaches and community representation

Get more information and find out how to join JUSP for UK academic libraries.

If you're a Jisc member institution, you can sign up through license subscription manager.

JUSP case studies

Visit the JUSP website to see real examples of how JUSP can be used to benefit your institution.