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About JiscMail

With more than 9,000 lists and over a million unique users, JiscMail connects you to more subscribers, talking about more topics than any other known academic mailing list system.

JiscMail is a trusted, national service that supports open discussions and knowledge exchange among peers, subject experts and partners, both in the UK and internationally.

Because it’s email-based, it fits easily into established working practices and offers features that allow conversations to flow easily and range widely, including searchable archives, unlimited characters, attachments and document storage.

Making communication simple

Each JiscMail list has a unique email address, so when an email is sent to the mailing list address it arrives in the inbox of every list subscriber. 

There are two kinds of lists:

  • Discussion lists - which support free-flowing conversations and allow you to post new messages and reply to existing discussion threads
  • Announcement lists - created to cascade information, news and updates to list members, usually from the list owner. Announcement lists are a practical way to share information about publications, conferences and events

You can find and join relevant mailing lists, or start your own opting to make it open, closed or invitation-only. Whichever you choose:

  • JiscMail is quick, easy and free to use
  • Everything is managed from your chosen inbox
  • You can connect and collaborate with peers inside your own institution, locally, nationally and internationally
  • You can ask questions, share ideas and widen your professional networks

"The geophysics community in the UK communicates via JiscMail, so it enables us to connect with researchers all across the country. Without [this tool] my research really wouldn’t be possible.”

Finn Illsley-Kemp, postgraduate research student, University of Southampton

Who can benefit from JiscMail?

JiscMail supports UK education and research. Topics already listed include taught subjects, research areas, special interest groups and collaborative project activities, and existing subscribers include:

  • Researchers and academics
  • Non-academic subject specialists and professional support staff including finance, IT, library services and data protection
  • Professional membership organisations
  • Sector bodies

Member story: a trusted, reliable resource in a transforming world

Martin Dodge

Martin Dodge, senior lecturer at the University of Manchester is the owner of one of the largest JiscMail lists dedicated to human geography. With over 5000 subscribers, his mailing list is used as a tool to broadcast information and he recommends the service to his PhD students to reach people where they don’t have an established presence in the field.

Read more about Martin's experiences using his list and being part of the wider JiscMail community.

Who uses JiscMail?

Supporting you every step of the way

JiscMail is designed to be simple and quick to use but there’s a dedicated helpline if you need it. The helpline team can introduce you to JiscMail, help you find and subscribe to lists, show you how to create new ones and close or archive old ones, help you manage any list issues and guide you in managing subscriptions.

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