R & D project

Building connectivity solutions to match your cloud strategy

Ensuring members and customers continue to get the best and most cost-effective connectivity.


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3 years and 7 months


Expected outcome:


We regularly review and evaluate the connectivity offering and approaches used to access cloud services to understand the cost benefit of new technologies and to sense-check those services against alternative approaches.

What we're doing

We already work with our members to understand and advise on your cloud strategy and support your connectivity requirements.

Our aim is to continue to support you to deliver your cloud strategy most effectively and efficiently, ensuring your organisation is well-matched with both connectivity performance and value for money.

Monitoring the market

In terms of performance and cost benefit; one size doesn't fit all. So designing cloud connectivity services to closely match your needs, which don't over or under-deliver is important. 

The Janet Network can meet the bandwidth requirements of most cloud strategies but in order to ensure we have the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge of solutions available, we're working with key cloud service providers, including strategic partners Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google.

Sharing new and relevant solutions with you

We can then pass that knowledge onto you - our members. From assessing your organisation's individual needs - from IaaS to computing and storage - to offering tailored advice and help in implementing bespoke cloud connections.

Why does this matter?

Cloud solutions offer huge potential for flexible and scalable infrastructure delivery. But many organisations' cloud strategies aren't clear on how take-up might grow, how much data will be transferred and, therefore, what bandwidth requirements might be.

We want to make sure our members understand the use case for bespoke cloud connectivity services and that such services are available as and when they are needed. But this also includes identifying where the 'tipping point' is - and when those bespoke services will truly offer benefits  in terms of cost and performance.

Find out more

To find out more about any of our work in the cloud space, or to discuss your needs, email our cloud team (cloud@jisc.ac.uk).