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The UK's leading data analytics and visualisation platform, supporting organisations responsible for the development of the HE sector to analyse market intelligence.

Heidi Plus is a higher education (HE) data analytics and visualisation tool, encompassing 13 years of robust HESA data. Hosted within Tableau Server, the datasets enable analysis of:

  • Students studying in higher education
  • Post-graduation activity
  • Employment of academic and non-academic staff
  • University finances
  • Estates management
  • Business and community interaction

All data in Heidi Plus is quality-assured and regularly updated by our data specialists enabling you to make informed decisions about your research into the UK higher education sector.

Who is Heidi Plus extended access for?

Organisations based in the UK but outside of Jisc’s higher education membership can also access the analytics available within Heidi Plus. You meet the qualifying criteria for a UK non-member organisation if you are classed as a:

  • Government department, agency or public body
  • Higher education sector agency
  • Professional, statutory or regulatory body

Discover higher education insights

Analytical insights found within Heidi Plus can help users to inform and manage their organisational processes and performance measures. These include:

  • Setting and maintaining professional standards in higher education
  • Informing and monitoring higher education policy
  • Identifying equality and diversity issues within the HE sector
  • Monitoring fair access to higher education
  • Undertaking academic and applied research
  • Assisting HE institutions in complying with the Public Sector Equality Duty (Equality Act 2010).

Heidi Plus also helps you to extract insights for internal analysis and to provide specific external information.

Extracting insights for internal analysis

Use Heidi Plus extended access for internal analysis, including:

  • Equality opportunities monitoring
  • Human resources and training
  • Business planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Policy development
  • Market research
  • Management information
  • Business intelligence
  • Higher education sector analysis
  • Identifying and making improvements to the design and provision of your services

Providing information externally

Use Heidi Plus extended access to provide information to:

  • Prospective students to help them to select their university and course
  • Current students to improve the outcomes of their education
  • Your staff enabling them to meet your strategic aims relating to higher education

Heidi Plus data outputs must be rounded in compliance with the HESA data rounding and suppression strategy. For further information contact our data analytics team (data.analytics@jisc.ac.uk).

Benefits of Heidi Plus extended access

  • Unlock thirteen years of powerful higher education insights to action data-driven decisions
  • Use the intuitive, drag-and-drop software to create interactive data visualisations and dashboards informing your strategic direction
  • Benchmark institutional performance sector wide, regionally or by mission groups, or build your own metrics that matter to you
  • Review trends with time-series analysis or produce a snapshot in time using a single year of HE data
  • Choose metrics and filters to suit your needs putting you in control of your analysis
  • Access ready-made Jisc dashboards to assist you with your HE market research

Read more about our data protection roles.


Annual subscription rates are banded by number of authorised users (capped at a maximum of 24 users including two lead contacts).

Heidi Plus extended access pricing

Pre-qualified organisation types:

  • Government department, agency or public body
  • Higher education sector body
  • Professional, statutory or regulatory body

Up to 10 users - £5,227 + VAT

11 - 24 users - £9,409 + VAT

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About HESA data, powered by Jisc

HESA data is collected by the data collection and statistic directorate in Jisc and is the expert provider of data on the UK higher education sector. The directorate collects, assures, and disseminates data about higher education (HE) in the UK on behalf of statutory bodies. Jisc is the designated data body (DDB) for England.


We offer a range of interactive courses both live (online and on-site) and on-demand throughout the year to suit all levels of Heidi Plus experiences and specialisms:

Privacy statement

Our on-demand e-learning content is delivered using a platform called Easygenerator. To access this platform, you will need to provide personal information including your name and email address. This information will allow you to take a break and return to the course in your own time. Only Jisc staff will have access to your personal information, and we will only use this information to administer and monitor the use of our courses.

Please see the Jisc privacy notice for more information on how we process personal data.


Our experienced Heidi Plus customer success team are on hand to answer your user enquiries.

To get in touch, call 0333 015 1170 or email customer.success@jisc.ac.uk

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