JoyFE collective community

The JoyFE collective is creating spaces for people to come together while putting positive messages out into the FE world.

Owned by members

Anyone who is interested in joyful education

Weekly IdeasRoom, monthly magazine, social media broadcasts

About the community

JoyFE stands for collaboration, growth, and unity and work with affirmative principles to find the joy in education.

The JoyFE collective have been putting positive messages out into the FE world while keeping it real.

Their mission has always been the joyful remaking of education. They want to do different things, rather than do the same things differently, and are always resisting the dreaded ‘Gobackery’!

Created at the beginning of the pandemic to help keep spirits up, the collective are going from strength to strength.

Get involved with JoyFE by:

  • Getting involved with the JoyFE collective on social media (all four main platforms)
  • Joining their twice weekly Ideas Rooms, where seedlings of ideas are nurtured by the gift of others’ listening
  • Writing with us in the Bowerbird’s Writing Rooms (and getting joyful post from the Bowerbird’s Bookshop!)
  • Reading - and writing for - their monthly JoyFE magazine
  • Listening to their broadcast each weekday morning via the All About JoyFE page on Facebook

The collective invites everyone to join their values-led movement. They are open, affirmative, ethical, and welcoming. It’s not always about money and their community has no bank account or central organising core.

#JoyFE is a hashtag movement operating across education, to turn the frustration, pain and sorry of life into the potential energy of activist joy.

Who can join

Anyone who is interested in joyful education.

How to get involved

Take a look at the #JoyFE Linktree for links to get involved.