Jisc’s negotiation and licensing strategic groups

Our strategic groups set the direction of negotiations and ensure that our members' requirements are embedded into our service.

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Working in partnership, and with the support of these groups, enables us to negotiate affordable agreements that save our members time and money - both in the acquisition and delivery of digital content.

UUK/Jisc content negotiation strategy group

The group focuses on setting strategy for major journal and open access negotiations both during this transitionary period and post transition.

Universities UK has convened the UUK and Jisc content negotiation strategy group to support and enhance the mandate of Jisc in negotiating publishing agreements with major academic publishers.

Find out more about the strategy group.

UUK/Jisc software negotiation strategy group

This group has been convened by UUK and Jisc to support and enhance the mandate of Jisc in negotiating software agreements and recognises the collective UK interest in negotiations concerning acquisition and use of software. 

The group will provide leadership for national negotiations and facilitate discussions and debate. 

Find out more about the UUK/Jisc software negotiation strategy group.

Content expert group

The content expert group complements the work of the UUK/Jisc content negotiation strategy group.

Find out more about the content expert group.

Learning content expert group

This expert group was formed in recognition of the need to support UK sector negotiations for learning and teaching content across further education and higher education.

Find out more about the learning content expert group.

Library purchasing coordination group

The group collaborates, coordinates and communicates on strategic and practical issues that shape and impact library procurement.

Find out more about the library purchasing coordination group.

Transitional agreements oversight group

The group works across publishers to scrutinise the cost, trajectory and efficacy of transitional agreements.

Find out more about the transitional agreements oversight group.

Strategic groups meetings

Key meeting dates for the strategy groups for 2024
6 FebruaryLearning content expert group
18 FebruaryContent expert group
6 MarchSoftware negotiation strategy group
21 MarchContent negotiation strategy group
25 AprilTransitional agreements oversight group
14 MayLearning content expert group
19 JuneContent expert group
12 JuneSoftware negotiation strategy group
28 JuneContent negotiation strategy group
11 JulyTransitional agreements oversight group
Key meeting dates for the strategy groups for 2023
10 January 2023Software negotiation strategy group
20 January 2023Content negotiation strategy group
1 February 2023Transitional agreements oversight group
8 March 2023Software negotiation strategy group
21 March 2023Content expert group
25 April 2023Transitional agreements oversight group
26 April 2023Content negotiation strategy group
7 June 2023Software negotiation strategy group
26 June 2023Content expert group
13 July 2023Transitional agreements oversight group
26 September 2023Learning content expert group
19 October 2023Content expert group
1 November 2023Content negotiation strategy group
16 November 2023Transitional agreements oversight group
30 November 2023Content negotiation strategy group

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December 2022

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