FE accessibility matrix

Discover how you can be part of a new project team co-designing an FE specific accessibility knowledge and skills matrix.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online
  • Free

This event will be held on

  • 18 July 2024

    • Online
    • 10:00 – 10:45


In the UK’s further education (FE) sector, enhancing digital accessibility is crucial to ensuring an inclusive learning environment for all students. This information session will introduce our proposed collaboration project: the development of an FE accessibility knowledge and skills matrix. We will also explain what's involved and how to join the project team who will co-create this resource.

Our project aims to address the inconsistencies in accessibility training implementation by developing a comprehensive and role-specific training/guidance matrix, pulling together knowledge, expertise, and resources from across the sector.

We want this initiative to bring together FE leaders, educators, and accessibility specialists to create a resource that outlines practical and relevant training content, to structure the boosting of staff expertise and confidence in accessibility practices.

By providing straightforward and easy-to-implement solutions, we will strive to support college leaders in seamlessly integrating accessibility practices into daily operations, promoting equitable education for everyone, including those relying on assistive technologies.

Who should attend

  • FE college leaders seeking to enhance digital accessibility within their institutions.
  • Human resources and managers who roles include implementing staff training and CPD.
  • Educators and staff members eager to improve their institutions accessibility knowledge and skills.
  • Accessibility specialists and advocates looking to contribute to and learn from this collaborative initiative.
  • Stakeholders interested in supporting and promoting inclusive education practices.

If you cannot make the information session but would like to register your interest in joining the project group please email laura.hutton@jisc.ac.uk directly for further information.


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk.