Equipment data

A researcher uses equipment in a lab.

Search across all published UK research equipment databases through one aggregation portal.

Equipment data harvests and aggregates a range of university and research facility equipment catalogues to improve efficiency and stimulate greater collaboration in the sector.


Ensuring UK research equipment and facilities can be discovered:

  • Allows researchers to search for equipment available to them at other institutions
  • Provides transparency
  • Creates a sustainable route for recording these important assets
  • May help to meet funder conditions
  • Facilitates the monitoring of the scale and growth of research assets
  • Offers opportunities to maximise the research estate

How can my institution contribute?

UKRI’s terms and conditions of grant require all new equipment purchased over the Official Journal of the European Union procurement threshold to be registered on the equipment data national database. Institutions can also publish and share their research infrastructure asset records below the Official Journal of the European Union's threshold to support greater transparency and sharing of these resources.

New institutions

Find out how to share information about your institution’s equipment. If you have any issues then please contact our helpdesk (

Institutions already contributing data

If you change the location of your data (for example, at a new url) you will need to update us by contacting our helpdesk ( You can review your organisation's data harvested by the service on the service website. Some organisations may need to adapt their data file and we will contact those organisations directly.

Equipment data was originally developed by the University of Southampton with funding from EPSRC, in partnership with Jisc. The service is now operated by Jisc.