We're working with students, startups and strategic leaders to find new edtech ideas that can benefit the further and higher education sector.

Give your startup a healthcheck

It's all about working together, whether you're a startup or an institution.

Our step up programme champions innovative "health-checked" startups to reduce risks and promote best practice.

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Helping leaders find the right startup for their organisation

As an institutional leader you could consider taking the lead in seeking out and championing innovative new companies to partner with.

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Help to solve the next big edtech challenges

If you or your team have an idea that can help improve education, research or student life, this is your chance to get involved. We're running challenges and hackathons throughout 2019.

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Improving the market

Our annual edtech startups competition looks for early-stage startups who need help getting their market-ready edtech product ready to be seen by universities and colleges.

Our edtech launchpad

Find out more about our project work and why edtech matters.

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