We're working with strategic leaders, startups and students to find new edtech ideas that can benefit the further and higher education sector.

Helping leaders find the right startup for their organisation

When you access step up as an institutional leader, you are championing innovative, new edtech companies and solutions that provide significant benefits to your students and organisation.

If you choose to join step up as a member, you'll be able to join collaborative discussions that shape the future of these solutions and demonstrate to the sector your 'innovative institution' status..

Helping edtech startups support the UK further and higher education sector

Step up champions a hotlist of the most innovative edtech companies serving the sector right now. These companies are answering the most pressing sector concerns, from the student experience to staff recruitment and retention.

All startups within our edtech hotlist have been assessed to meet the highest standards set by Jisc, Emerge and a number of institutional leaders.

We're looking for new startups to join step up, as sector needs change and differ, innovative solutions appear.

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Visions of the future

What is the future of learning and teaching for higher education? Short-term scenarios and long-term visions to inspire and spark the conversation.

Sophie Leslie, Swansea University

"The ability to work closely with the partner and therefore help shape the service has been a big help in creating a platform that best suits our students’ needs and also the needs of our staff."

Read more about how Swansea University worked with Unitu and their top tips for collaboration.

Supercharging the student feedback loop

See how Swansea University is using edtech startup Unitu’s student voice platform to collect and analyse student feedback in real time.

Our edtech launchpad

Find out more about our project work and why edtech matters.

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