Digital strategy review

A teacher talks with a student in a computer room.

Assess digital strengths across your organisation – as a first step to transforming student experience.

As an educational leader or technologist, you know that a clear digital strategy is a critical step toward improving your students’ experience.

But developing such a strategy isn’t, of course, something either technologists or leaders can do alone.

Instead, we believe a good strategy is one that sets a clear digital vision across the entire organisation – and distributes ‘ownership’ of those objectives to all stakeholders, not just those in IT or leadership roles.

As a first step in the process of making that happen, we’ve created the digital strategy review – a fact-finding consultancy service.

The review helps you assess where your organisation is on its digital journey – so you can plan for your digital future, and identify practical objectives that will help you meet long-term goals. 

How this consultancy service benefits you

Our digital strategy review service can help you to:

Review the scope of your digital strategy

Before you can set digital objectives, you need to consider a wide range of ways that digital technologies can help you, across different parts of your organisation – so you can work out what you’re doing well and what you can do better. We help you do this.

Plan for a merger or major change

If you’re going through major organisational change – perhaps as a further education (FE) college merging with a partner in the light of the area review process – then getting a clear overview of your digital strategy is vital. Our review helps you in this process.

Make the case for digital investment

As a learning technologist, you may be particularly aware of the need to use digital to improve the experience for learners and staff. This service helps you to get buy-in at a leadership level and, in turn, across the breadth of your organisation.

How the service works

We see the digital strategy review as vital ‘fact-finding’ work to help you assess where you are on your digital journey.

To help you evaluate your position, we can:

  • Deliver an online introduction to strategy development – including stakeholder engagement, and set in the context of your organisation
  • Review your existing digital strategy documents
  • Conduct a short site visit where necessary
  • Work with you on the Jisc-designed ‘e-positioning framework’ tool, which covers areas your strategy may need to address across different parts of your organisation

We then prepare a short report which summarises our findings, points you to Jisc resources you can use to address the issues we raise, and suggests other ways Jisc can help you.

Next steps

To get started, contact your relationship manager.