Data consultancy

A team working together.

A bespoke consultancy service to enable you to get more from your data.


We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and are with you every step of the way. Using our higher education sector expertise we can help you reveal the story behind the data.

What do we offer?

We shape our offering around you. We listen to what you need and identify how we can help you. Our data consultancy packages can include:

  • Analytical support both on-site and remote to assist you to interpret complex datasets
  • Data visualisations and/or data tables which answer your key questions that are easily shareable with internal colleagues
  • Data workshops so you can interrogate the data and analysis with confidence
  • Expert understanding and analysis of HESA data, and detailed knowledge of the wider higher and further education and labour market data landscape

Read more about our data protection roles.

Degree programme accreditation report and scorecard

This new report designed for higher education course accreditors includes bespoke analysis giving a complete overview of students studying your profession at UK universities.

Expert analysts group the courses you currently accredit together and benchmark them against non-accredited comparators in key areas to aid your decision making. The accompanying scorecard offers detailed, course-level analysis using a range of metrics to support your programme accreditation strategy.

Benefits to you

As a higher education course accreditor, this can help you:

  • Secure the long-term health of your profession (such as education, engineering, construction or accounting) by making data-driven course accreditation decisions
  • Make sure you're working with the right universities to accredit the right courses
  • Strengthen the supply chain of your subject's workforce with graduates who have the right skills
  • Gain critical evidence about entry numbers, dropout rates (see screenshot below), international student recruitment, widening participation, diversity, course qualifications and post-graduation activity (including employment/study details)

Who the accreditation report and scorecard is for

  • Professional membership bodies that accredit university courses, looking to measure student performance across higher education in their chosen profession
  • Accreditors who want to identify new courses or review their current portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate course accreditation
  • Professional bodies looking to improve their decision-making using evidence from expert HE analysts and trusted HESA data
  • Regulatory bodies that want to work with the right universities to ensure they are meeting the professional standards of their industry

As well as those that:

  • Want a detailed overview of a chosen subject area in higher education
  • Are looking for the latest trends to create better engagement policies with students studying for professions in your industry
  • Are looking to expand the reach of their membership by engaging with students while they are studying to enhance their career development
  • Want to understand the diversity of students studying courses at university within your profession

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 certificate.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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